Weightwatchers Make A Start on Obesity in Australia

WeightWatchers Australia is reframing obesity as a social and national issue with a TV campaign, Let’s Make A Start, online at www.letsgetstarted.com.au. The 60 second TV ad contrasts slim bronzed sunbathers and surfers in the 1970s with pale-skinned obese couch potatoes of today. An unfair comparison perhaps? Were there not overweight pale-skinned sunbathers in the 1970s?

Bronzed Aussies in Weightwatchers TV ad

“What happened to Australia? We’ve gone from bronze Aussies to couch potatotes in a generation. We’ve convinced ourselves that supersized portions are normal. 7 million adults are overweight. And 1 in 4 children. We’re now one of the fattest developed nations on the earth. Obesity costs us $21 billion a year. It’s a tragedy and it’s time for it to stop. Getting healthier needs to be an issue for every Australian. Weightwatchers and you can make this happen. Our proven system has helped millions change their lives. If all Australians can adopt a Weight Watchers lifestyle and start something good in their lives Together, we can start something great. Every Australian living at a healthy weight. The important thing is to make a start. Let’s Get Started.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Weightwatchers campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, associate creative director Shane Gibson, copywriter Dennis Koutoulogenis, group art director Nick Garrett, account director Ruth Sell and agency producer Mandy Payne.

Filming was directed by Graeme Burfoot at Filmgraphics, Sydney.

Overweight sunbather in Weightwatchers TV ad