Bundaberg Only In Australia

Bundaberg Rum is not the rum of England, it’s the rum of Australia. That’s the message in this anthem sung by iconic citizens of England to the tune of Jupiter, from the Planets Suite by Holst. The commercial includes a wide range of British residents, including Queen Elizabeth and members of her household. The voiceover: “Bundy Rum. Made for one country for one country only.” The spot finishes with an appearance from Bundaberg’s mascot, Bundy Bear, playing a trick from the airport control tower.

Queen and supporters in Bundy TV ad

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Bundaberg Lyrics for We Wish England Was Australia

We wish England was Australia
We’d ditch our colder surf
Have our mates out for a Bundy
The greatest rum on earth.

We wish England was Australia
Every girl would be a sort
We’d proudly drink Bundy rum
We wouldn’t suck at sport

But England is not Australia
We don’t have Bundy rum
So until you send some over here
It’s Australia here we come


The Bundy anthem was developed at Leo Burnett, Sydney, by creative director Mark Collis, copywriter Stephen Coll, and agency producer Adrian Shapiro, account supervisor Sarah Palmer working with Diageo marketing manager Andy Gibson.

Filming was directed by Guy Manwaring, via Therapy Films (now at Sonny London).

The music from Jupiter is associated with Thaxted, a patriotic English hymn written by Cecil Spring-Rice in 1918, beginning “I vow to thee my country“.

David Griner at AdFreak points out that Bundaberg Rum is owned by an British company, Diageo.

  • s williams

    I think the missing words of the Bundy Rum ad might be….

    “So until you send some over here…”

  • Nic

    Instead of ‘Now our mates have bought Bundy’ i reckon the words are ‘Have our mates round for a Bundy’

  • Nic

    and also, s williams is right. 🙂

  • Thanks s williams and Nic.

  • Isn’t the same tune the theme tune for the Rugby World Cup (World in Union)? arf!

  • Shane and Tineke Farley

    I think it is very good but why come to Australia?

  • Dave

    Why the bloody hell not?

  • Tony

    It sounds like:
    “Have our mates out for a Bundy”
    “We’d proudly drink Bundy rum”

    LOL at the ad btw… =)

  • stephen

    what is the original (what song is it taken from?)

  • driveby


    I know your question is nearly 2 years old, but if you’re still wondering, it’s I Vow To Thee My Country, which uses the melody of Jupiter (from The Planets).

  • Mel

    Bundy Rum is the ‘BEST RUM’ on this planet, you can have one anytime of the day/night……cause it’s rum o’clock somewhere? That’s right…..it’s right ‘BUNDY HERE! LMAO, have another love!

    You should try a ‘BUNDY AND LEMONADE’…..Ohhhhh sooooooooo, soooooooooooooooo easssssy to drink….YUM YUM! & refreshing! That’s all i drink when drinking from a bottle…..and i’ve tried them all over my 17years of my bundy drinking life…….trust me! It’s fantastic!