Water Safety in the Bathroom

Water Safety New Zealand and the New Zealand Coast Guard worked together to present a water safety message featuring a young girl and her toys. The ad shows the schoolgirl entering her brother’s messy room to discover that her brother has decapitated her doll. It’s time for revenge! She grabs Action Man off the shelf and heads to the bathroom to flush him down the toilet. She flushes once, twice, three times, four times, but he’s still there, saved by his lifejacket. “Always wear a lifejacket”.

Storm in a Teacup - girl with toilet - always wear a lifejacket


The Storm in a Teacup ad was developed at Publicis Mojo Auckland by executive creative director Nick Worthington, copywriter/art director Josh Moore, account director Fleur Head and agency producer Sacha Loverich.

Filming was directed by Richard Gibson via Luscious International, Auckland, with producers Andrew Morris and Serena Rettimaier, and director of photography Jason Rogers.

Post production was done at Perceptual Engineering.

Check out the yellow rubber ducks in the bathroom for a subliminal message about buoyancy. Someone had a great time with foley on this ad.