Wallabies of Tomorrow Today

Mazda’s sponsorship of the Australian Rugby Championship is put in advertising form with a 45 second TV ad featuring up and coming rugby players. “You don’t know me… yet. But soon you will invite me to your home, into your group of friends. You will travel great distances just to see me and tell me I’m bloody useless or that I’m a bloody legend. Your kids will want to be me. And you will treat me like a long last mate, a brother even. You will love me, hate me, kick when I’m down, and scream my name. But you don’t know me…. yet.”

Player in Mazda ARC TV ad

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The new Mazda Australian Rugby Championship kicks off this year on 10th August, with the Final on 14th October to decide the inaugural Champions. THe championship brings together eight teams of over 120 contracted professional players from Western Australia, the ACT, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. The championship introduces new rules to encourage a more free flowing game.

So Australians, do you know these guys?

  • me

    1i dont know the start changing room guy
    2or the construction site guy
    3or the Ute guy
    4or the mail guy
    5or the lifesaver guy
    6or the TV guy
    7the guy at the computer is beau robinson
    8the hoodie guy is kurtley beale (duh)
    9dont know the one liner guy
    10then its the fiangaa brothers
    11i dont know the baby guy
    12the farmer is josh holmes
    13dont know the fan guy
    then its back to beale then its the starting guy

    i really need some help