Waiting Room Magazine Launch

Medical Centre managers this month are encouraged to look after the interests of their waiting patients with this series of print advertisements for Australian Doctor‘s new magazine, Waiting Room. A woman stares, perhaps even thinking, having had ‘trash’ removed from her brain. Trash Weekly is removed from a patient’s body and discarded during surgery. Trash Weekly sits in a petrie dish, along with developing mould.

Give Your Patients A Trashyotomy

“Give your patients a trashyotomy. WaitingRoom. A healthier read. Coming soon.”

Remove Unhealthy material

“Remove unhealthy material. WaitingRoom. A healthier read. Coming soon.”

Stop ignorance breeding

“Stop ignorance breeding. WaitingRoom. A healthier read. Coming soon.”

Waiting Room Dish


The WaitingRoom advertising campaign is being developed at Ursa Communications, Sydney, Australia, by creative director/art director/copywriter Denis Mamo, art director/copywriter Helen Shortis, and copywriter Geoff Fischer. Photography by Penny Clay via Katapolt was retouched at Cream.