VW Touareg Tows Boeing

Volkwagen promoted the towing power of the Touareg with this humorous print advertisement featuring a Touareg, a Boeing airplane and a caravan. “Our Touareg is towing a Boeing 747. Seriously. We tested it. 155,000 kgs altogether. No exaggeration. Of course the necessary adjustments were made. After all, a Boeing doesn’t fit on a towing hook. And we would never have got a proper grip without 4,300 kgs of extra ballast in the car. But aside from that it’ a normal Volkswagen Touareg. In other words the same Touareg you’ll find at the dealer. Because of course it’s anything but normal, a car that can tow a gigantic Boeing. That’s why we want to advertise it. We’re so proud, and sometimes we get a little carried away. See, to be honest, the photo was retouched. The caravan was added later. So yes, those 360 kilos are a tad exaggerated.”

VW Touareg tows Boeing with caravan


The VW Touareg Boeing ad was developed at DDB Amsterdam, Amstelveen, by creative director/art director Joris Kuijpers, creative director/copywriter Dylan de Backer, and account executive Milo van der Meij. Post production was done at Magic Group.