Volkswagen Prices Incredible But True

Volkswagen is a brand known for quality more than reasonable prices. However VW Europe attempted to do something about the reasonable price reputation with this series of TV adverts launched in the UK and adapted for use around the world. The original series features the price of 11,995 pounds for the Passat and Golf, and 7490 pounds for the Polo, with the tagline, “Incredible But True”.

Volkswagen Salesman


A Volkswagen car salesman is reluctant to divulge the price of the Golf on his sales floor. He knows from experience that it’s a dangerous thing to do, especially when his customers are drinking tea.

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Horse’s Mouth

A car salesman is told by his assistant that a couple want to see him about a Passat and a horse’s mouth.

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Hidden Camera

A car buyer takes a hidden camera with him to ensure that Volkswagen will follow through with the incredible price for the Golf.

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A couple put a Volkswagen salesman through a lie detector test, quizzing him on the colour of his eyes and his reaction to the ending of Titanic, before asking him about the price of the Polo.

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Volkswagen Tea, Horse’s Mouth, Test and Hidden Camera were developed at DDB London by executive creative producer Jeremy Craigen, copywriter Matt Lee and art director Peter Heyes, agency producer Lucinda Ker.

Filming was directed by Eric Lynne via Partizan, with director of photography Blasco Giurato and producer David Stewart.

Editor was Sam Sneade at Speade. VFX were done at Glassworks, London.