Volkswagen Asks Why Take Unnecessary Risks At Work?

Volkswagen asks, “Why Take Unnecessary Risks At Work?”, in a print and billboard advertising campaign for the VW LT, Caddy Van and Transporter (Eurovan in North America). The commercial vehicles are presented as inherently safe, coming with ABS, airbags and cruise control. Driving a Transporter makes a lot more sense than the risks posed by a sawyer using novelty glasses, an electrician standing in an aquarium, a compactor/roller driver wearing feather boa, a butcher riding on a unicycle.

Man risks losing his hand using saw in Volkswagen advertisement

Electrician standing in aquarium in Volkswagen advertisement
Roller driver wearing feather boa in Volkswagen advertisement
Butcher rides on unicycle in Volkswagen advertisement


The Volkswagen campaign was developed at DDB Paris, by creative directors Alexandre Hervé and Sylvain Thirache, art director Martin Darfeuille, copywriter Edouard Pérarnaud, account executives Julie Régis and Boris Langlois, with photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne.