Vodafone Monk Talks

Vodafone Australia is promoting the $29 Jumbo Cap and $49 Maxi Cap with a tongue-in-cheek TV ad featuring a monk who leaves his monastery for the world beyond. It’s clear from the use of written sign language that the monk and his colleagues have taken a vow of silence. As he stands in the middle of a busy city the monk sees a sign, perhaps from God, definitely from Vodafone. The text, “Talk. Talk. Talk. The next scene shows the monk in a night club, talking excitedly on a mobile phone.

Monks use sign language in Vodafone tv ad


The Vodafone Monk Talk ad was developed at newly formed creative agency Brain Surgery by Mick Hunter and Ian Morton.

Filming was directed by Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films with producer Peter Masterton.

Vodafone’s media agency is Ikon Communications.

Monks use sign language in Vodafone tv ad