Vodafone Live For The Future

Vodafone live!™, the brand name for the multimedia portal service of mobile phone operator Vodafone, was promoted in the Czech Republic with a television commercial featuring a young man who becomes famous for predicting the future. It all begins by an accident. Standing at the edge of a deluged car park, the man consults his mobile phone to accurately share the near-future weather forecast, “clear skies… no rain”. In a public broadcast of a football game he announces the score, “3-2, we win”, just as the television loses its reception. People talk. The news spreads fast. A visitor to his home wants to know about his little tom cat. He’s described as a prodigy. Young boys imitate the light-on-the-face effect with their torches. On a morning television talk show he’s asked about traffic jams on the roads. Before long the man’s face appears with the word, “Horoskopy” on the sides of buses and on large billboards. Finally the pressure of fame is too much. He decides to share his gift with the world. Everyone can be ‘enlightened’ with news, weather, sports results and more.

Foreteller looks sideways in Vodafone Live TV Ad


The Vodafone Live campaign was developed at Kaspen, Prague, by creative director Lester Tullet, art director Jaime Mandelbaum, copywriter Emiliano Trierveiler and agency producer Tibor Hutter.

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Filming was shot by director Michael Wong via The Sweet Shop, Auckland and Bistro Films, Prague, with producer Petra Ondreikova and director of photography Mark Bliss.

Editor was Filip Malasek, Robota, with visual effects and post production done at UPP, Prague.

Music in the ad is “Artifact And Living”, by Michael Andrews, as used in the soundtrack for Donnie Darko.

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Bus and billboard in Vodafone Live TV Ad
Foreteller looks in bag in Vodafone Live TV Ad