Vigorsol The Legend Chipmunk

Vigorsol, the Perfetti confectionery from Italy, is one of the stars in The Legend, the story of a flatulent chipmunk’s fresh air explosion saving the day. “Nothing could stop the forest fire except maybe a miracle”. And that miracle of course is a squirrel sucking on Vigorsol Air Action, a mint that provides a fart with freezing results. “And oh how the people rejoiced!”

Chipmunk eats Vigorsol Air Action gum

Click on the image below to play the Legend video.


The Vigorsol Legend spot was developed at BBH, London, by creative director Nick Gill, creatives Verity Fenner and Claudia Southgate, and agency producer Olly Chapman.

Filming was shot by Ben Dawkins via Stink, London, with producer Sophie Kluman.

Post-production was done at Moving Picture Company by 3D lead Jake Mengers, 3D team Jorge Montiel, Duncan McWilliam, Andreas Graichen, Will Broadbent, Ali Dixon, Tony Thorne, Matte painters Henrik Holmberg, James Bailey, Shake compositers Becky Roberts, James Russel, Kim Stevenson.

The spot went to air in Italy on March 18, 2007, and was spread virally through the world with alternative voice overs.