VB Warnie Ads Star Shane Warne

Fosters is promoting the VB cricket season with a new figurine campaign, this time featuring Shane Warne. Two ads were launched during the 20 20 cricket match between Australia and New Zealand on December 11.

Shane Warne as a baby in VB TV ad

One TV ad features Shane Warne acting as his mother and father in the maternity ward shortly after Shane’s birth. Mr Warne cracks open a large can of Victoria Bitter while Mrs Warne offers her baby a cricket ball. Shane, acting as the baby, reaches into his nappy and smiles with a twinkle in response to the cricket ball. We’re shown footage of Warne dealing with the English cricketers, drinking at the pub, hanging up the box. Three cricket viewers drink to Shane Warne’s memory.

Click on the image below to play the video.

In another ad three VB drinkers discover they have a chance at achieving their dream. Their other dream, not the one of being a woman for a day. It’s facing Shane Warne for an over of his bowling.

VB drinker tries out being a woman

Click on the image below to play the video.

The campaign, centered around the Shane Warne figurines available with cartons of VB beer, is online at vbwarnie.com.au/. The talking figurine, sitting on his own mini sofa, is designed to make snide comments during the screening of cricket matches over the 2007-2008 season.

AFL blogger Phillip Molly Malone has launched a Warnie blog, warnie.mollyzine.com, and unofficial Warnie Facebook group in honour of the campaign.


The Warnie campaign was designed at George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, by executive creative director Paul Catmur, creative director Ben Coulson, copywriter Jim Ingram, art directors Chris Northam and Ben Couzens, and agency producer Romanca Jasinki.

Filming was shot by Tim Bullock via Prodigy Films. Editor was Tim Parrington at Mike Reed Post Production.

Shane Warne as his parents in VB TV ad