V Inspired Animation

V has launched a new brand vendetta in New Zealand, revitalizing the energy drink’s love affair with Kiwi consumers. The television advertising campaign replaces the little-known phrase, “It all starts with V” with the word, “Inspired”.

Man reaches for headphones in V Crying TV ad


Drinking V to cope with a stressed family has unexpected consequences…

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In the drive-in movie theatre a young man is frustrated with his girlfriend’s lack of attention. She’s more interested in the guy on the big screen. Inspired by a swig of V, he changes the radio station to play a song to inspire the old couple in the next car. The resulting chain reaction leads to fireworks and rocking cars in the parking lot.

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The V Inspired campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO by creative director Richard Maddocks, copywriters/art directors Anne Boothroyd and Maria Lishman, agency producer Richard Mayo-Smith and account manager Scott Coldham.

Animation was directed by Wilfrid Brimo via Wanda Productions, Paris.