UPS Whiteboard Ads Online

UPS (United Parcel Service) this month launched a new advertising campaign with eleven television commercials using a whiteboard to illustrate the many surprising elements of the company. Building on the 2002 “What can Brown do for you?” campaign, the TV ads answer the question using complex situations and personal explanations. A man (Martin Agency creative director Andy Azula) opens each of the 30 second spots saying, “Alright!”. He draws on a whiteboard with a brown marker, talking through business scenarios and inviting viewers to go online to explore further at Each spot finishes with a little artful touch added by Azula.

China to US whiteboard ad for UPS

Click on the image below to play the video.

Accompanying each of the eleven ads is the Postal Service track, “Such Great Heights”, also used in advertising for the United States Postal Service and Apple.

UPS Whiteboard Ads

Nine of the 11 ads are online at

1. China to US – easy with UPS’s fleet of planes.
2. Customer Service – what if shipments could email your customers?
3. Distribution – what if your warehouse had wheels and had a UPS logo?
4. Early Morning Delivery – CampusShip.
5. International Shipping – three choices of delivery time.
6. One Driver – create all your shipping labels with WorldShip.
7. Reliability – create your smart label on
8. Visibility – see all your inbound and outbound shipments on your computer.
9. Small Business – UPS can do your shipping stuff, so you can do what you love.

The UPS Whiteboard television campaign is being supplemented by print, billboard, radio, direct mail and online material. The web site includes an interactive facility in which Azula writes the viewer’s typed message up on a whiteboard before it is sent to a friend by email.

Message for a friend in Australia


The UPS Whiteboard campaign was developed at The Martin Agency, Richmond, by creative director Andy Azula, copywriter Joe Alexander, art director Kevin Thoem, and agency broadcast producer Molly Schaaf.

Filming was directed by Errol Morris via Moxie Pictures, with director of photography Bob Chappell, executive producer Robert Fernandez, and producer Julie Ahlberg.

The UPS Whiteboard advertisements were edited by Kim Bica at Lost Planet Editorial.

Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3.

Visual Effects were developed at Riot, Santa Monica, by VFX Compositor Kiki Chansamone and End Treatment Senior Compositor Claus Hansen.

Sound was designed at Eleven Sound by audio engineer Jeff Fuller.

The interactive work is the responsibility of IQ Interactive, Atlanta.

Such Great Heights Music

Music, “Such Great Heights”, is performed by The Postal Service.

Such Great Heights – Such Great Heights – EP