Underoath Writing On The Walls

Underoath, Christian metalcore band from Tampa, Florida, has produced a Grammy-nominated music video for their 2006 single, Writing On The Walls. The band, signed with Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records, managed to gain popularity largely through touring and online sites such as MySpace and PureVolume.

Children in Underoath Writing on the Walls music video

The music video explores the cramped and limited lives of a boy and a girl, limited by the physical and metaphysical walls of their home. Adults in the dolls house like structure act out the frustration that inevitably comes from a lack of vision for a wider world.

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Writing on the Walls was shot in Sweden by directors Anders Forsman, Ragnar Granstrand & Linus Johansson, via Popcore Film, Sweden. See Popcore on MySpace.

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Writing On The Walls is the first single and ninth track from the Christian band Underoath’s fifth album, Define the Great Line. Members of the band are Spencer Chamberlain (Lead Vocals), Timothy McTague (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), James Smith (Rhythm Guitar), Christopher Dudley (Keyboards), Grant Brandell (Bass), Aaron Gillespie (Drums/Vocals).

Lyrics for Writing On The Walls

Maybe we
Why don’t we
Sit right here for half an hour
We’ll speak of what
A waste I am
And how we missed up it again

I swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place,
To bridge the gap of this conscious state that we live in,
I’m short on time

How come you try and,
(That brings us home)
To fit the shape of
(I pray for)
What they tell you
(you to move on, move on)
But mostly what they show you

At this rate, we can’t keep up,
(I’m thinking back on the things I said) 2x
But I sure can’t just sit still
Keep me filled in, I swear I’ll come

We walk alone (6x)
Back home
Back home

You’re almost gone and I’m OK
(I still see your shadow)
To give you time to be afraid
(But never your face again
I remember your presence)

I hope to God, you come down
I hope to God you can feel this now
I hope to God, you come down
I hope to…(God)…

I know there must be some way out of here
And all of them will be waiting there