Underdaks Wedding Ring

Holeproof, the Australian socks, sleepwear and underwear company, launched the Underdaks ‘pocket’ undies with a risque TV ad that remains a classic. A bridegroom and his best man are in the vestry of the church, preparing for the wedding. The best man searches through his clothes desperately trying to find the ring. His clothes come off, piece by piece, until there’s only the undies. He reaches into the front pocket and finds the ring. With delight he jumps into the arms of the groom. At that moment the door opens to the church, revealing the horrified faces of the bride and her family.

Men embrace in Underdaks wedding TV ad

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The Wedding ad was developed at The Campaign Palace by Doug Byrnes and Tim Hall. Doug is now at Spinach Advertising.

Filming was shot by director Jason Wingrove.

Bridal party in Underdaks wedding TV ad

  • deadthevideo

    Of all the underwear ads I have seen, I would have to say that this is the best one I have seen. There are bound to be those who would see this ad, be shocked and most likely complain about it saying rubbish like: “This ad should not be on TV”. In my view, these are people who are thick and don’t have a sense of humour.

  • Second Shaadi

    all video are nice and outstanding
    they spread the message of happy wedding life
    and says wedding is the wonder full thing