Tropical Rainforest Foundation Man and Woman

The Tropical Rainforest Foundation and Fundacion del Bosque Tropical in Guatemala are two organizations joined together for the conservation of natural resources in Central America. Guatemalan graphic designer Christian Barahona put together these two print advertisements for an awareness-raising advertising campaign, highlighting the impact of fire and tree-felling on the forest and its peoples.

Tropical Rainforest Man

Tropical Rainforest Woman

The Tropical Rainforest Foundation has projects focusing on the preservation of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve, through environmental education, mass-media, and projects of sustainable development, carbon sequestering and certification in areas of private administration, regarding tropical rainforests. The Mayan Biosphere Reserve is the largest and most important tropical rainforest to north America in the American Continent, and one the of the most important oxygen lungs of the entire world.

The Foundation also has a project managing and protecting Las Nubes Estate, a coffee plantation in Suchitepequez, Guatemala, with spectacular intact rainforest.

The Tropical Rainforest Foundation Mission:

  • Acquiring primary forests to preserve them and consolidate ecological actions, thus generating models in areas of private administration.
  • Bringing forth jurisprudence relative to the inscription of conservation areas under private administration, reinforcing the National System of Protected Areas, and the inscription of ecological corridors.
  • Creating new alternatives and a profound conscience on people using mass-media, for a life-style of sustainable development, being these alternatives economic, social, technical and ecologically feasible.
  • Developing projects of renewable energy, and the reduction of logging for fuel.
  • Creating new business alternatives for land owners in protected areas and for immigrants under the Climatic Change Structure.
  • Engaging efforts in educational programs, promoting seminars and workshops directed to children and adults of various sectors.


The Tropical Rainforest campaign was developed by Christian Barahona at DesignIsOn, Guatemala.