Trojan Condoms Evolve Pigs to Men

Trojan Condoms launched a provocative campaign on North American televisions on June 19, featuring a bar full of women and pigs. One pig, while in the mens bathroom, discovers a Trojan condom dispenser. As he walks back into the bar he evolves into an attractive human male, immediately attracting the attention of the woman who had previously been disturbed by his advances.

Woman and pig in Trojan Evolve TV commercial

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“Evolve is a wake-up call to change attitudes about using condoms and, on a larger scale, the way we think and talk about sexual health in this country,” said Jim Daniels, vice president of marketing for TROJAN®. “Other than abstinence, the best way people can prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection is to use a condom every time they have sex. Unfortunately, that’s just not happening today—single sexually-active Americans between the ages of 18 and 54 use them only about 25 percent of the time. We urgently need to foster healthier attitudes about sexual health and condom use.”

The campaign’s premise is simple but powerful: People who are sexually active should take steps to protect and respect each other, and using condoms is an important part of this approach.

“A change in behavior takes a change in attitude,” said Dr. Drew Pinsky, board-certified physician and host of the nationally syndicated radio program Loveline. “The Evolve campaign effectively argues that condoms are a positive symbol of respect for ourselves and our partner as well as a critical component of sexual health and enjoyment—and that not using condoms can bring a dangerous outcome to an otherwise special connection.”

Woman and man in Trojan Evolve TV commercial


The Evolve advertising campaign was created by the Kaplan Thaler Group, New York.

“We have to change the perception that carrying a condom for women or men is a sign they’re on the prowl and just want to have sex,” said Linda Kaplan Thaler, chief executive of the Kaplan Thaler Group. “It’s a sign of somebody being prepared — if the opportunity arises — to think about their own health and the health and safety of their partner.”

“The humor in the advertising spots is our way of getting consumers’ attention and opening up a serious conversation about sexually healthy lifestyles. Some people may be initially surprised by the imagery, but we’re really using the pigs as a metaphor for selfish behavior to call to attention a very important subject.”

Filming was directed by Phil Joanou. Special effects and puppetry were the responsibility of Stan Winston Studio.

Andrew Newman at NY Times on June 18 wrote that the campaign was running on a number of networks including ABC, NBC and nine cable networks, including MTV, Comedy Central and Adult Swim, but had been rejected by Fox and CBS.

The Trojan Evolve campaign is online at, including the TV ad, behind the scenes, the print advertisement, sexual health information, and links to helpful online resources.

Lyrics used in the Trojan Evolve commercial

I ask you for your number
Then I ask you for a dance
I ask you for a little kiss
Just a chance for some romance
But no matter what the question
I see the answer in your eyes
They’re saying baby, maybe
(ha!) when pigs fly…

I ain’t giving up that easy
No I ain’t going to quit
I take another look
at what I got ’cause honey
you have to admit
I know what it takes to
make your heart sink
Look again baby
I just got wings!