Toyota Tundra put to the test

The Toyota Tundra Crewmax is promoted in the United States with an “actual demonstration” campaign. The latest in the series puts the truck to the test with a giant dual-pendulum apparatus (wrecking hammer). The truck’s engine is gunned as the vehicle takes off — the first pendulum is released. Having to stop on a dime, the swinging weight narrowly misses shattering the windshield. As the second pendulum begins its plummet, the Tundra triumphs as it takes off without getting totaled from behind. The video here shows behind the scenes work, filmed by GC Wyatt at Barstow, CA.

Toyota Tundra Wrecking Hammers

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The Wrecking Hammer ad was put together for Toyota at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Los Angeles, by executive creative director Harvey Marco, creative director Erich Funke, art director Roya Partovi, copywriter Kim Genkinger, director of integrated production/multimedia Damian Stevens, and senior producer Gil DeCuir.

Filming at Barstow, California, was shot by director Andrew Douglas via Anonymous Content, with executive producers Andy Traines and Dave Morrison, head of production Sue Ellen Clair, producer Tony McGarry.

Editing at Spotwelders, Los Angeles was done by Robert Duffy with executive producer David Glean and producer Justine Smollan. Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3 with producer Taryn Mackprang. Post/Online/Finishing was done by online artist Brian Buongiorno at Sea Level, Venice, with executive producer Carolina Wallace.

Sound was designed by Kim Christensen at Noises Digital.

Earlier ads from the Actual Demonstration campaign include See Saw, Ramp and Pulley.

Toyota Tundra Seesaw Test

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Toyota Tundra Ramp Test

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Toyota Tundra Pulley Test and Making Of Video

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