Toyota Landcruiser Top Of The Food Chain

Toyota Australia promoted the Landcruiser with a print campaign promoting the SUV to the top of three food chains. The Aussie food chain starts with rat and moves through snake, dog, pig before reaching the crocodile. The Arctic food chain includes a shrimp, two kinds of fish, a walrus and polar bear. The ocean food chain includes a fish, lobster, fish, seal and shark. Each of these food chains is enclosed by the dark silhouette of a Landcruiser. The text: “Be Top Of The Food Chain.”

Landcruiser at top of the Aussie food chain

Landcruiser at top of the Arctic food chain

Landcruiser at top of the ocean food chain


The Foodchain campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, by ceative director David Nobay, art director Noah Regan, Pete Buckley, copywriter Tim Hall, illustrator /typographer Nic Buckingham.