Tostitos Art Show Scandalizes Parents

Tostitos scoops are at the center of a humorous TV ad featuring a young boy’s art show, first screened on USA TV on Christmas Day, 2006, followed by a screening during the Fiesta Bowl, January 1, 2007. Mum and Dad wonder why their son has gone out of his way to set them up on the couch with a bowl of Tostitos scoops.

Tostitos Art Show

“Charles what are you doing?” “I’m setting up for my first art show.” “This is exciting!
“”I call this Spot the dog.”” That’s the neighbor’s dog. “”It’s great.
I call this yellow house with purple sun. That’s grandma’s house.”” That’s beautiful!
I call this Mommy and Daddy wrestling. I’ll buy that one now! Yeah!
Moments you’ll remember with Tostitos chips and dip. Good thing happen at The Tostitos.

See the spoof at YouTube


The Art Show spot was developed at GSD&M, Austin, Texas, by group creative director Russell Lambrecht, group creative director/art director John Trahar, creative director/copywriter Kathy Hepinstall, agency producer Dan Bryant, with account service managed by Jori Steck and Ryan Malone.

Filming was directed by Joe Public, (Simon Cole and Adam Cameron) via HSI, with producer William Green and director of photography Tim Suhrstedt. This would have been one of Joe Public’s last projects before the duo split up this year. Cameron has moved to Biscuit Filmworks.

Editor was Rick Lawley, at The Whitehouse, with producer Sue Dawson.

Music was composed by Ben Carson at HUM.