Tooheys HarvesTed Interactive Site

Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) is hosting an interactive site aimed at men aged 18 to 25. The advertising campaign, melding Teddy Boy culture with Japanese/French music, has caught the attention of Australians through a strange television advertisement in which a Ted sows hairs in a field, growing them into pods which produce pod people holding Tooheys Extra Dry beer. See more on the story at here. The interactive site,, invites adult internet users (18 years and older) into an agricultural world of TED production.

Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

Tug of War Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

Click on the city to interact with the Pod People – TED people who have attempted to go undercover in the big city. Upload your photograph and apply a TED haircut to join them. Click on the house to experience TED TV – the TV advertisement, and Yama Yama, the theme song remixed by Decoder Ring.

Ted Of War

One pod person has grown so attached to his TED that he won’t give it up without a wrestle. This is a test of finger skills – typing on the arrow keys fast enough to wear down the pod guy’s defences.

Barn Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

The Barn

TED harvesting necessitates ingenuity, dexterity and imagination to build cleaning contraptions that will keep TED crops pristine, resulting in a crisp, clean beer. Viewers can explore the qualities of these contraptions.

Book Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

In the middle of the field discerning viewers will find the TED Guide to Harvesting, a book that provides information on the field, the quiff, planting, upkeep, the ritual dance, harvesting, and of course Tooheys Extra Dry.


The Tooheys Extra Dry HarvesTed campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, art director Jed De Pyper, copywriter Kim Neidhardt, GAD/Account Directors Nick Garrett and Fleur Kennedy, strategic planner Fabio Buresti, and agency producer Mandy Payne. Interactive team included creative director Chris James, designer Brent Spencer and Flash developer Martin Holley.

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  • james

    This is possibly the worst ad ever. he looks nothing like a teddy boy, only the hair, the clothes are wrong and the musics wrong. Wtf is with the pod people? why does that make me want to buy the beer? what f**kwit said “hey… thats a good idea for an ad”? i will never buy this beer… ever… because that ad, is so stupid and makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Max California

    Thankyou for being so informative! I saw this ad and just fell in love with it, and I don’t even drink beer ((i’ma gunna give it a go)) I’m so happy to see rad rockabilly-esque stuff nowadays, and even happier to realise that no that many people will ‘get’ it, making it look all the more radder!

  • Ash

    Yet it was interesting enough for you James to find your way here and have your say. Id say the ad has done exactly as intended in your case.

    I think the ad is fantastic. Its good to see advertising companies having a go at making such an out there impact on the viewer, that it causes a whole nation to talk about it. I know when I first saw the ad, I was just glued to the screen in a state of confusion yet having the feeling akin to having just seen a ufo. Complete shock and awe, with a sense of dark conspiracy.

  • Sam

    Easily my favourite ad.. Must have cost a fortune! I like ads that go deeper than just the brand, and have a meaning behind them that keeps viewers intrigued. This ad does that and more. Well done to all involved.

  • Daz

    Love the ad. Love the ute!!!! Love the song more. I JUST WANT THE SONG!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaaasse???

  • kylie

    HEY! Does anyone know where i can download this clip? I need it NOW!!

  • Jingles

    hey kylie it’s on you tube or msn me @ “”

  • rhodes

    i need this song!!!

  • Maxx

    yeah i want that song too

    i like that ad, cant stand beer tho, any beer that is.

    still, interesting ad.

  • georgia

    everyone i found it! xDDD
    so excited
    this is what it said on the site

    The music for HarvesTED is a Decoder Ring remix of “Yama Yama”, adapted from Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki, a pseudo-Japanese concept album produced by French duo Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde in 1972. The track, featuring a Japanese choir singing over drum patterns, vibes and fuzz guitar work outs, was part of a cult following dance scene in France in the early 1970s.

    The music was sourced and cleared by Level Two Music, Melbourne. The music concept/remix was developed by Level Two Music in conjunction with Decoder Ring. The mp3 track can be downloaded from the HarvesTed web site – go to the TV and change the channel.

    it’s good 8)

  • L

    Im trying to find the song on limewire so i can download it, ive typed in those names that are above bt havent found it
    any ideas?

  • sd

    tv does not change channel!

  • You need to turn it on first. Then click and drag the round button. This is a pre-digital television set remember.

  • Mum of two

    I love the advertisement, especially the song and I think the actors look so cut, especially with their rockabilly quiffs.

    The farm is just amazing and I love the machinery he uses.

    I managed to download the song and as I type this I am listening to it.

    Personally I find the song really suits the advertisement as it just conjures up images of a rugged man working out in the fields.

  • Ryan

    can u really download it… i tried but there was no option

  • Mum of two

    Yes you can, just try using Limewire. Type in Yama Yama and make sure it is by Decoder Ring or alternatively go into the site, then go into the house where this TV will come up,turn on the tv, turn the knob part to change channels until you come across the part that allows you to download the song.

  • Hate to be obvious but if you type Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki into iTunes the whole album is available to purchase as a download. Its even legal! Enjoy your beer fellas.

  • Me

    the song was composed for Tooheys. The only way you are going to get the song is to get the ad and seperate the audio/video component

  • miss D

    WOWSERS! i finally downloaded the song by turning the channel thanks for the advice! cant seem to find anything to download on limewire tho 🙁