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Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) is hosting an interactive site aimed at men aged 18 to 25. The advertising campaign, melding Teddy Boy culture with Japanese/French music, has caught the attention of Australians through a strange television advertisement in which a Ted sows hairs in a field, growing them into pods which produce pod people holding Tooheys Extra Dry beer. See more on the story at here. The interactive site,, invites adult internet users (18 years and older) into an agricultural world of TED production.

Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

Tug of War Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

Click on the city to interact with the Pod People – TED people who have attempted to go undercover in the big city. Upload your photograph and apply a TED haircut to join them. Click on the house to experience TED TV – the TV advertisement, and Yama Yama, the theme song remixed by Decoder Ring.

Ted Of War

One pod person has grown so attached to his TED that he won’t give it up without a wrestle. This is a test of finger skills – typing on the arrow keys fast enough to wear down the pod guy’s defences.

Barn Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

The Barn

TED harvesting necessitates ingenuity, dexterity and imagination to build cleaning contraptions that will keep TED crops pristine, resulting in a crisp, clean beer. Viewers can explore the qualities of these contraptions.

Book Screenshot from Tooheys HarvesTed interactive site

In the middle of the field discerning viewers will find the TED Guide to Harvesting, a book that provides information on the field, the quiff, planting, upkeep, the ritual dance, harvesting, and of course Tooheys Extra Dry.


The Tooheys Extra Dry HarvesTed campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, art director Jed De Pyper, copywriter Kim Neidhardt, GAD/Account Directors Nick Garrett and Fleur Kennedy, strategic planner Fabio Buresti, and agency producer Mandy Payne. Interactive team included creative director Chris James, designer Brent Spencer and Flash developer Martin Holley.

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