Tooheys Extra Dry HarvesTed with Music

Tooheys Extra Dry Harvested was launched by Australian brewing group Lion Nathan on May 6, an integrated advertising campaign playing with the connection between the Tooheys Extra Dry initials (TED) and the Teddy Boy hair style. (See my story on the Tooheys Harvested Interactive site)

HarvesTed in Tooheys Extra Dry TV ad

A young Rockabilly guy with a Teddy Boy haircut (long, strongly moulded greased-up hair with a quiff at the front) plants hairs from his quiff in a cultivated paddock, carefully watering them with with Tooheys Extra Dry beer. Over time the hairs send out roots and shoots, growing into pods with long hair. By day he drives through the crop with a car washer/ scooter, massaging, washing and conditioning the maturing pods. On the night of Equinox HarvesTed dances with other long haired villagers in the presence of the pods. Finally comes the day when the pods open up, revealing new villagers each holding a bottle of Tooheys Extra Dry. HarvesTed is ready with a freeze gun, immobilizing the newly hatched rockabilly villagers and confiscating the Teds. The super: “The Clean Crisp Taste”.

Click on the image below to play the TED HarvesTED video in YouTube


Tooheys Extra Dry HarvesTed was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, art director Jed De Pyper, copywriter Kim Neidhardt, GAD/Account Directors Nick Garrett and Fleur Kennedy, strategic planner Fabio Buresti, and agency producer Mandy Payne.

Filming was directed by Steve Ayson via The Sweet Shop, with producer Claire Kelly, director of photography Danny Ruhlmann and editor Jack Hutchings.

Post production was done at Animal Logic. Colourist was Ben Eagleton at Bean Colour.

Pods crop in Tooheys HarvesTed TV ad


Yamasuki Album at music for HarvesTED is a Decoder Ring remix of “Yama Yama”, adapted from Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki, a pseudo-Japanese concept album produced by French duo Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde in 1972. The track, featuring a Japanese choir singing over drum patterns, vibes and fuzz guitar work outs, was part of a cult following dance scene in France in the early 1970s.

The music was sourced and cleared by Level Two Music, Melbourne. The music concept/remix was developed by Level Two Music in conjunction with Decoder Ring. The mp3 track can be downloaded from the HarvesTed web site – go to the TV and change the channel.

Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki at

Harvested Ted in Tooheys Extra Dry TV ad

  • Hannah

    The ad is brilliant – surreal and crazy looking and totally different. The guy is gorgeous. I love it.

  • Trish

    The music for the ad is great but the ad itself annoys the hell out of me every time I see it. The story within the ad is not apparent & it really does nothing to sell the product.

  • Matthew

    Interesting advert.

    Makes me thirsty for a Heineken.

  • Vic

    Music is great, advert is mince.

  • Adam

    What the f&*$ is this add about…it totaly lost me. the beer is not great either!

  • Simon

    It just goes to show that a big budget doesn’t guarantee a “BIG” ad!

  • Jimmy

    This ad rocks. The meaning is not apparent at first but thats whats great about it, it tells a story that requires a bit of deciphering. Beats the f* out of “BIG” ad.

  • jupukai

    this ad makes u think what the hell is going on , hence it sticks in ur memory . and thats what makes it great advertising.

  • Nick

    I think this is a classic case of a company being too close to their product. To them and ad their agency it will make perfect sense I’m sure after hours of creative ‘sell-in’ and development of the idea. To the average Joe out there, capturing the ad in a distracting environment (ie the average family home) it will make no sense at all I’m pretty sure of that.

  • DAVE

    not a fan of the ad, love the beer.
    bring back the tongue!!

  • Morgan

    I cant work out this add. Even from the explanation this site has given me.

    I know it stays in your head which is a good thing for the advertiser but so does a really well crafted and interesting advertisement like the tongue.

  • me

    absolutely HATED the “tongue” ad.

    it actually put me OFF the yeah big kudos to that marketing genius o_o

    but THIS ad on the other hand is great. haha it’s so intriguing..takes a while to get it and each time you see the ad it becomes a little more clear.
    Although i have to say when i changed the channel and saw this ad for the first time (not knowing what the hell it was about) i was CRACKING Up at the end going “wtf.. its about BEER??”

    haha love the music too! 🙂

  • elvira

    I love the advert! And after reading the TEDdy boy bit..I get that and kudos to the makers for the concept..Also, congrats to Decoder Ring on the amazing remix of the song..Well done!..its very mesmerising and has such a great impact on the attraction to the advert. I’m lovin’ TED as well..he has a josh homme feel to him..It would be great if they discovered him with a quiff like that prior to the ad….Way better than that stinkin’ tongue ad..lets never speak of that advert again! 🙂

  • Clinton

    Mmmm….Still not sure I like it? Came across this web page trying to find the true meaning of it actually. After reading the above, I get it, kinda obscure, not many average ppl would understand (like me). They will remember the weird ad, as oppose to the true idea. Top marks for the music, ad… well…. jury still out on that one!

  • will

    bloody brilliant add defiantly my favorite!!!!!1111

  • Louie bra

    Hey great ad broo! but the song is toooo good!! plz send me an email with the name of it!!! i love your beer too email me –

  • Bec

    Awsome add dudes! you really thought out of the box with this one. Andthat song really does it for the add too! im lovin that song soo much! plz plz email me the song title
    im gonna go have me some Toohey’s Extra Dry

  • Daniel

    Well, it all makes sense now.

    Of course most people wouldn’t bother finding this site unless (as I was) they wanted to know about the *awesome* music.

  • Damo

    Great to see the Teddy boy style back in town!

  • Luke

    Would love to get a copy of the remix

  • Billy

    Your beer is awesome, the ad is awesome etc… I need the name of that song! ^^ And like a brochure to get myself a cartoon of extra dry plz. kthx

  • joel

    Your beer sucks, the ad sucks etc… Heineken ftw! Hehe

  • Kennie

    i hated the tongue ad. it was disgusting, OTT, tryhard etc etc
    but this one , i love it.
    the music is the first thing that attracts me, the hair of the guy is second, the ritual dance thingy is also one of the best aspects.
    i dunno bout you guys but this ad definitely gets me craving for a beer, TED to be exact..
    if you guys love this ad then you’d probably wanna see , thats for PS3 by TBWA london. quite cool website with cool music.

  • BeerKeg

    lol you can download that song from the on the TED tv function when you change the chanel until it comes up

  • proff

    hey beerkeg, you forgot the .AU !! But hey i checked out thats pretty cool hey!?!!? and yeah download the song…pity it’s only a minute thirty, but now i’m looking for more of that kinda stuff! Took me a while to figure out what was happening but you gotta love the blown HR ute….personally i’ll drink the beer if it’s free but 345 ml? come on!

  • Cynthia

    I’ll agree that the ad is vaguely intriguing but it really does not make me thirsty. I rarely drink alcohol anyway, let alone beer. I hated the tongue ad, it was not funny and just made me cringe, like the Mentos ad where the guy’s nipples grow. When these ads come on I just change channels and the HarvesTED ad
    is starting to have the same effect. I think I’ll go and have some fruit juice!

  • Megs

    Clever ad, I personally thought it very good! It captures the attention of its audience by its very nature, leaving people wondering what the underlying ad it is really about! We understand is has got something to do with beer but why such an unusual ad. Fascinating indeed.

  • Johnnydman

    sup i love this it is my idol i so want the song im dien to know what it is called could someone send me the name of it please

  • Jason

    Possibly the worst ad in history. How are consumers supposed to relate to the HarvesTed crap and his stupid hair. I wanted to know what the ad was about so I had to search the web. Good music though!!

  • dave

    What an ad better than the tongue rockabilly rock on great beer great ad love to drink the TED need more promo gear like the cap

  • matt

    hi where can i get this song from??

  • matt

    who is the song actually by?? and where could i get it from??

  • Lisa

    hey all. like alot of you here, i’m after the song on the harvested ad. someone said you can download it?? I went to the site, but i could only play it. Anyone know how i can get a copy????

  • Meganjean

    i love the song. Everytime it comes on I turn it up.

  • Visit in Internet Explorer then retrieve the mp3 from your temporary internet folder.

  • ALternatively buy the whole album from Amazon. The track isn’t available on iTunes in Australia at this point. It is in France though.

  • Gypsy

    absolute crap ad. Can’t stand it.

  • Drinker

    Hate the ad. Rubbish. Why do they think this will convince people to try the product? Maybe it would work in Hillbilly USA. I change the station when it is on. What were they thinking?????

  • ralph

    WHAT THE!!!!! i think the ad executives have been having one too many late nights and bad sushi, good beer pathetic ads think you guys should be hiring someone who hasnt been studying dramatic art in uni!!!

  • lulu

    wats the song called .. isnt it like yama yama or something.

  • benedict

    awesome ad. anyone who cant appreciate it clearly has their head to far up their donkey.
    what do people want, someone drinking beer and going, ‘gee thats tasty’. fade out. mayb it hurts wen a thought provoking ad comes on and your only 2 brain cells collide. whatever the reason i think this is a brilliant ad that towers above the rest

  • Max California

    I love how this ad doesn’t really make sense. Obviously I am not very intelligent, as reading what you’ve explaine dup there, I love the ad even more!

    I love the guy in it, I love the hairy pods and I love the local village dance.

    This ad makes me so happy, and I don’t even drink beer.

  • Lindsey

    Can I be emailed regarding where i can download it from, and the artists details!!!

  • Philip

    I found this web site by trying to figure out what this add was about. I’m not surprised it was from the same people that made the gross tongue add. I don’t like this add, don’t like this music, and don’t like the beer. Still – much less offensive than a tongue dragging itself out of someone’s mouth.

  • Jono

    Great ad, i like the music, great campaign. the web site is just as good and well made as the ad…..still looking for the song

  • charmaine

    Ok i love this ad heaps. If ANYONE has the song pleaseeee email it to me. I want it for a school project haha.
    One of the best ads ever i must say…

  • Loved the music, and was intrigued by the ad, I normally hate tv comercials but this one was fresh and must have worked on me, because its the first time I have ever looked for more info about an ad on the net. The beer is not bad either!

  • Caff

    TED rocks!The ad is brilliant and even non beer drinkers remember the product.
    Where can I get the tune for a ringtone? PLEEEEEEEZZZZ

  • Joanna

    best I have seen in ages….people who don’t ‘get it’ possibly have been spoon feed ideas via some crap sitcome T.V where everything is spelt out. Just relax, sit back and it will all come to you grasshopper and you will then see the path to creativity.

  • smithy

    The farmer with the amazing hair do and jerky dance is fabulous. He and the music mean I can’t take my eyes off this ad whenever it comes on. 10/10 for mesmerising me Every one on the ad but the farmer is named and credited. I demand to know his name and have his CV posted on this website so I can see what else he has done.