Tooheys Extra Dry HarvesTed with Music

Tooheys Extra Dry Harvested was launched by Australian brewing group Lion Nathan on May 6, an integrated advertising campaign playing with the connection between the Tooheys Extra Dry initials (TED) and the Teddy Boy hair style. (See my story on the Tooheys Harvested Interactive site)

HarvesTed in Tooheys Extra Dry TV ad

A young Rockabilly guy with a Teddy Boy haircut (long, strongly moulded greased-up hair with a quiff at the front) plants hairs from his quiff in a cultivated paddock, carefully watering them with with Tooheys Extra Dry beer. Over time the hairs send out roots and shoots, growing into pods with long hair. By day he drives through the crop with a car washer/ scooter, massaging, washing and conditioning the maturing pods. On the night of Equinox HarvesTed dances with other long haired villagers in the presence of the pods. Finally comes the day when the pods open up, revealing new villagers each holding a bottle of Tooheys Extra Dry. HarvesTed is ready with a freeze gun, immobilizing the newly hatched rockabilly villagers and confiscating the Teds. The super: “The Clean Crisp Taste”.

Click on the image below to play the TED HarvesTED video in YouTube


Tooheys Extra Dry HarvesTed was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, art director Jed De Pyper, copywriter Kim Neidhardt, GAD/Account Directors Nick Garrett and Fleur Kennedy, strategic planner Fabio Buresti, and agency producer Mandy Payne.

Filming was directed by Steve Ayson via The Sweet Shop, with producer Claire Kelly, director of photography Danny Ruhlmann and editor Jack Hutchings.

Post production was done at Animal Logic. Colourist was Ben Eagleton at Bean Colour.

Pods crop in Tooheys HarvesTed TV ad


Yamasuki Album at music for HarvesTED is a Decoder Ring remix of “Yama Yama”, adapted from Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki, a pseudo-Japanese concept album produced by French duo Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde in 1972. The track, featuring a Japanese choir singing over drum patterns, vibes and fuzz guitar work outs, was part of a cult following dance scene in France in the early 1970s.

The music was sourced and cleared by Level Two Music, Melbourne. The music concept/remix was developed by Level Two Music in conjunction with Decoder Ring. The mp3 track can be downloaded from the HarvesTed web site – go to the TV and change the channel.

Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki at

Harvested Ted in Tooheys Extra Dry TV ad

  • VeeBee

    Great ad! Creative, intriguing, quirky, fascinating. I could not remember the name of the beer however, far too caught up in the action and details. Love the music as well …. what was the beer again? I remember the one that matches my intials.
    The actor who plays the farmer is fantastic. Impressive


  • wayne

    For what reason do they raise there hands to vote, and he looks so upset when he raises his hand. To do a crazy cult dance with drug and alcohol induced hippies doesnt need much persuaing. They have to vote to have a good time OR is it permission from parents to allow thier kids to indulge in a mass orgy

  • Mitch

    the music is sick and the add is madnes it means nothing but thats what i love about it, good job boys!

  • Bec

    i am actually in the ad… it was a very very VERY long shoot for us poor extras and despite how Ricky Gervais makes it look Extra’s work is crap.

    But i gotta say i like the finished product, even if it is a little pretentious.

  • Lori

    I love this ad…! Watch for it every night on the TV and of course have since tried Tooheys Extra Dry, which is a good beer.

    Adore the music too, and the guy is yummy…! I want the music for my mobile phone…..

  • Jon

    Absolutely ridiculous ad. What is it trying to sell? It stinks to high heaven of some nutjob in an advertising agency attempting to justify his/her job by creating some obscure idea – why Tooheys put it to air is beyond me. Think about the target audience… Extra Dry is not a premium beer (far from it). It’s a working class beer and working class people don’t care much for this rubbish. BMF have really screwed up with this one…

  • Cathy

    Worst ad I’ve ever seen .

  • molegan

    the song on the ad is called : yama yama by decoder ring

  • vanna

    I love the ad. One of the best things shown on TV. Its original and creative and makes me wanna get drunk and take prohibited substances.

  • WTF


  • sam

    I LOVE the add. its so weird and thats whats good about it. you really have no idea whats going on and it reminds me of aliens and their pods. the music Rocks!

  • vishal

    Brilliant commercial. I loved it.

  • ang dizle

    what is the name of the songg?

  • Mumof2

    And another thing. The guy is yummo! His name?

  • Felixpjo

    Anyone have this song I can’t find it anywhere?? If anyone has could u please email it to me at felixpjo at it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Deb

    This ad is my favourite. I understood it perfectly, it is clever, the music is tops and although I am not a big beer drinker, I feel like buying toohey’s just so they will keep playing the ad. It is the only time I actually turn the volume up in an ad break, can you please play it more? Well done tooheys

  • interesTED

    I love this ad…but maybe it was the agricultural side of me that liked it so much..

    for everyone that wanted to find the song
    1. go to the field
    2. click on the house (ted tv)
    3. when you get to the tv, keep turning the bottom dial to change the channel eventually you will get to the song
    4. download


  • Elaine Moore

    I love the add so much so that I want to send it to my Son in China

    11th Feb 2008

  • Bianca

    This ad is beyond brilliant! Shame about the beer!


    BEST FARKING SONG EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Inga

    This is the maddest add ever.
    So creative, the song to is great
    nice job.

  • John

    Great ad, whats the name of the actor ?

  • teizy

    4 all you ppl that think the ad is shit and the beer is not that gr8,grow an imagination, stop drinking your girlfriends vodka cruisers and be more open minded about our australian heriage!!!
    i love ted
    teitzy and lucky

  • Mel

    Is there a site similar to IMDB where we can find out who the actors are on TV commercials?

  • Lib

    I love the music, the hair and the dancing in the ad..but i still can’t understand what it is actually about even though i have seen it at least 10 times.
    Still love the ad though!!!