Tonka Sandpits

Tonka, the Hasbro toys, trucks and cars for boys, is promoted in the sandpit environment in this Australian advertising campaign. Sandpits are transformed in open cut mine, a construction site and an underground building site – reminding men of their boyhood adventures with Tonka products.

Opencut mine in Tonka sandpit

Construction site in Tonka sandpit

Underground building site in Tonka sandpit


The sandpit campaign was developed at DDB Australia, Sydney, by executive creative director Matt Eastwood, deputy creative director Steve Back, copywriter Tim Cairns, art director Tim Green, account staff Chris Brown and Mary Graham, with photography by George Scott and retouching by Cream Studios and Dennis Monk.

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Location Australia Australia

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  1. JC says:

    It was not just boys who had fun with Tonka toys. As kids we used to use the dumptruck to push each other around and now our kids are using the same rusty toys to play in the sandbox. They are practically antiques yet indestructable, just desperately in need of a healthy coat of Krylon.

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