They Brothers on Real Insurance

Real Insurance has launched an integrated campaign aimed at challenging the status quo of the insurance industry, contrasting the They Brothers, George and Eddie, with the Real World. Millions of conversations amongst complete strangers begin with ‘They say it’s going to rain’, and continue with ‘I reckon They’re right.’ This cannot be a coincidence. In an example closer to our hearts, They say that all insurance companies are the same. Most would agree with what They say here. But who are ‘They’? And are They right? And why do They keep saying these things?

The They Brothers

The They Brothers have copyright on the things They say and, just as every time a song is played on the radio or a book is purchased from a shop and royalties go to the author, every time anyone utters a thing They say, money goes to the They brothers. No-one, least of all the They brothers themselves, remembers how they gained these rights. As far as they are concerned the They family has always had them, and always will.

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Much to the disappointment of legions of conspiracy fans, the They brothers do not reside on a hidden island, and they do not have plans to take over or save the world. But owning the rights to ‘They say’ is extremely profitable, so George and Eddie have been able to take a very early retirement. The brothers keep themselves in good shape, although in truth they are starting to show signs of a paunch. They have deep tans and favour Hawaiian shirts. They are fond of gold jewellery. They’ve even discussed making a movie of their life with several Hollywood producers. George would like to be played by a younger George Hamilton or Ricardo Montalban, and Eddie by Andy Garcia or Dean Martin.

They now live in a gated retirement community at an undisclosed location. There They are able to keep an eye on their interests whilst enjoying a life of poolside relaxation, shuffleboard tournaments, cocktails and dames. They are by far the youngest residents of this community, but They like the ambience. To maintain this lifestyle, They are very protective and pedantic with the copyright to the things They say.

Needless to say, the They brothers are particularly unimpressed by Real Insurance, who is responsible for disproving several of their sayings, and who run an unrelenting campaign stating that ‘Not everything They say is true’.

“In a product category where the similarities between brands are far greater than the differences, Real Insurance has adapted a position which challenges established conventions and, in so doing, offers consumers a refreshing alternative for their insurance needs,” said Des Speakman, CEO at Real Insurance.


The They Brothers campaign was developed at Whybin\TBWA, and TEQUILA\, Sydney, by creative directors Garry Horner, Claire Gillis, creative team Steve Dodds and Grahame Smith, agency producer Julia Jackson and account director Georgia Bruton.

Filming, at The Roosevelt Hotel and Marriott Golf Club in Los Angeles, was directed by Alan White via Curious Film and Bob Industries.

Editor was Drew Thompson at Guillotine. Post production was done at Frame, Set & Match. Sound was designed at Sound Reservoir. Media planning and buying was done by Total.