Tesco Florence and Fred provides Affordable Elegance

Tesco is promoting the Florence and Fred range with a campaign centring on women who are able to afford an extra set of clothes for every occasion.

Florence and Fred horse scene

A young woman gallops across muddy woods and fields on her horse, covering her white dress in mud. When she arrives at a country house for a party she simply ties up her horse, pulls off her dress to wipe her legs, and takes out an identical dress from her saddlebag.

In “Confrontation” a young woman drives through a forest to walk into a party where her former lover entertains his new girlfriend. The ensuing clash involves the return of a ring and the splashing of red drinks. No problem for this woman as she has another beautiful dress underneath.


The Affordable Elegance campaign was developed at The Red Brick Road, London, by creative director/art director/copywriter Justin Tindall, with agency producer Charles Crisp.

Filming for the horse spot was shot by Stacy Wall via Epoch Films with producer Rob Godbold and Work Post editor Ben Jordan. Visual effects were done at Glassworks by TK operator Tareq Kubaisi, Flame artist Mike Skragatic, 3D artist Mike Woolf. Music is “Country Mile”, by Glasgow group Camera Obscura.

Filming for the revenge spot was shot by director Ivan Zacharias via Stink with producer Nick Landon, director of photography Jan Velicky and editor Filip Malasek. Post production was done at The Mill, London. The music, “Boble” is by Norwegian singer Hanne Hukkelberg, from her 2004 album, Little Things.

Lyrics for Boble

Boble av bomull
Spinner rundt
Med meg
Inni seg
Sansene svimles
Synet sløres
Hver detalj
Blir større her
Som snekrystallens
Mange tær og
Sirkelens mange