Tame Your Ferocious Hunger With Easy Mac

Kraft Foods Australia is promoting the Easy Mac pasta snack food with a poster campaign featuring the tagline, “Tame Your Ferocious Hunger”. This poster gives the impression that the instant macaroni cheese snack is being eaten by a snake, a crocodile and a hippopotomus. Clues to the nature of the animal are given in the background of the photograph. The national campaign for Kraft Easy Mac will be seen across outdoor, print, online and instore through May, June and July. Kraft launched Easy Mac into Australia three years ago. The product is aimed at 14-year-old boys in their after-school hunger zone. The challenge for this campaign is to connect with tweens and teens so that the product achieves legendary status, while not alienating mothers.

Snake jaws in Easy Mac print advertisement

Crocodile jaws in Easy Mac print advertisement

Hippopotamus jaws in Easy Mac print advertisement


The series was developed at Draft FCB, Melbourne by creative director Scott Lambert, creatives Mikey Tucker and Eric Blakeway, and photographer Andreas Smetana.

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