Sydney Film Festival Transport Yourself

Sydney Film Festival, 8 – 24 June, is being promoted with “Transport Yourself”, a television and cinema campaign. The festival trailer shows pedestrians alongside Sydney Harbour coming across a couple acting out a slow motion special effect only seen in the movies. The woman is swinging the man around and around. Finally she lets go of his foot, flinging him into the dark sky. The simple tagline, “Transport Yourself”, leads to the name of the film festival and web site,

Crowd gather to watch special effects in Sydney

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Sydney Film Festival trailer was developed at Precinct/Direct, by strategist and developer Patrick Guerrera, creative directors Geordie McKenzie and Andrew Moffitt, and account director Madelyn Barker.

Filming was directed by Scott Otto Anderson via Independent Films, with director of photography Oliver Lawrance. Online editor was Andrew Soo.

Post production was done at Postmodern, Sydney.

Sound was designed at Nylon Studios, with music composed by Oli Chang.

Crowd gather to watch special effects in Sydney

Scott Otto Anderson writes,
“It felt important to keep to the dark, moody and mysterious, almost surreal atmosphere set by Precinct’s design for the branding and print images but to create an alternative narrative to this. A different take on the metaphor of the cinema-going experience to their Gregory Crewdson-esque spotlight. The trailer became a balletic piece celebrating bathing in light, immersing yourself in cinema but also an allegory for the emotional engagement of an audience that is very much Sydney itself.”

The festival trailer was made on a small budget with the generous support of a range of individuals and companies including Postmodern, Nylon, Panavision, Fox Studios, Frame Set & Match, Kodak and Atlab.

via Campaign Brief