Super Bowl 2007 TV Advertising

The Super Bowl XLI, played this year in Florida, will be watched by huge television audiences in North America, a prime target for television advertisers. Where to view the Super Bowl 2007 TV Ads after the game? Here’s a few places to check out…

Super Bowl XLI

Adforum offer the ads in mpeg format, for a cost of $20 US. The price is good value – it covers ads for the past 5 years as well as the 2007 ads aired on February 4th.

iFilm stream the ads in quicktime – free, along with five earlier years worth of Super Bowl ads.

Google Video this year is combining forces with YouTube’s SuperBowl collection

Adrag Adland has what is called the Claymore Project, showing superbowl commercials in quicktime from 1979 til 2007, plus special bonus early-early years between 1969 and 1978.

The Super Bowl of Advertising – at

AOL is hosting Super Bowl ads

News on the Superbowl campaigns can be found at

See my story on AdBowl VII – an interactive Super Bowl ad site with voting facilities.

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