Subservient Chicken Still Taking Orders

Burger King’s virtual chicken site, promoting tender chicken crisp sandwiches as ‘chicken the way you like it’, is still up and running. You get to interact with a Chicken Man in his lounge room. Tell him to sit down, jump up, dance, watch TV, read a book, turn off the lights and so on. Just don’t tell him to strip – Chicken Man won’t be impressed! The Subservient Chicken site, launched on April 8, 2004, is a collection of flash animations prepared in anticipation of your demands – aimed to please you as the consumer. Of course there are limits to what Burger King can do for us! See the campaign at Subservient Chicken

Subservient Chicken


The Subservient Chicken viral campaign was developed at Miami-based advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, by creative director Andrew Keller, interactive creative director Jeff Benjamin, associate creative director Rob Reilly, copywriter Rob Strasberg, art directors James Dawson-Hollis, Mike Ferrare, illustrator Mike Koelsch, art producer Jessica Hoffman, agency producers Paul Sutton, Rupert Samuel, development partners WDDG, photographer Kyla Kuhner and interactive designer Rahul Panchal at The Barbarian Group.

See “Burger King Dissected”, an article by Mae Anderson at Adweek in March 2005 contrasting the success of the Subservient Chicken in winning interactive advertising awards to its success in selling chicken sandwiches.

The site has had at least 100 million unique visitors and a billion hits.