Stir with Christmas Cards

Stir, the youth activist section of World Vision Australia, has another Christmas ecard campaign in Australia, following up the 2006 campaign with messages relating to poverty, mosquitos and childbirth.

Stir Moquitos Christmas ecard

Poverty and Mosquitos Suck! What’s just an annoying itch for Aussies this Christmas could be a death sentence for billions living in poverty. Stir our political leaders into Making Poverty History with this stinging ecard!

Stir Surviving Childbirth Christmas ecard

It shouldn’t take a miracle to survive childbirth. Millennium Development Goal #5 aims to reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio by 2015. Tell our political leaders that keeping this promise is very important to you.

Jesus was born on a barn floor next to animals without the assistance of a trained medical attendant. His mother – Mary, was lucky to have survived.

It’s part of the Christmas miracle, but fast forward through two thousand years of “development” and more than half a million women are dieing in pregnancy and childbirth every year – that’s one death every minute!

Of these deaths, 99% are in developing countries. In parts of Africa, maternal mortality rates are 1 in 16! Australia can help this situation by keeping our promise to give more and better Overseas Aid.

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