Stella Artois Online Site

Stella Artois, the Belgian beer brewers, have launched an online experience centred around La Bouteille, a short film, and a collection of interactive pages. After months of preparation by Lowe Worldwide, with input from offices in London, South Africa and Stockholm, the campaign is now live in French and English at, to people of legal drinking age of course.

Sun setting in Stella Artois online game

Click on the image below to play the video.

Visitors to the site are invited to interact with the mythical world of 1366 in “Le Courage”, a section of the site combining film and game. Beer lovers are called to keep the flat world level, enlist the help of fireflies to keep the forest fears at bay, keep at bay the wrath of the Gods in the stormy skies, battle evil with watchful good, and prevent the sun from setting into the sea. I managed all of them except for the last.

La Publicite

La Publicité takes visitors into an old fashioned theater in which Stella Artois television advertisements are shown. The selection includes Last Orders, Master Work, Destiny, Jacques, Ice Skating Priests, Returning Hero, Train and Swag.

In the 3D animated Le Defi players challenge their friends to rescue a fresh-poured goblet of Stella Artois by engaging in a number of complex puzzles.

Stella Artois in Le Defi

Visitors are introduced to the origins of Stella Artois in L’Origine, exploring the role of the horn in the naming of Den Horen House.


In “Le Etranger,” visitors can enter an old-fashioned saloon filled with old-world, accordion-fed music and challenge the bartender to properly pour a Stella or watch him show you how it’s done with the nine-stage pouring ritual.

Barman and guest in L'Etranger

La Bouteille

At the heart of the Stella Artois online experience is the movie, La Bouteille, a short film featuring a bar man who must navigate his way through the streets with a bottle of Stella Artois. The movie acts as the navigation bar for the site, at any point allowing the visitor to enter an interactive site or to resume the screening.

Bar man in La Bouteille


The Stella Artois experience was developed at Lowe Worldwide by creative director Matthew Bull, creatives (La Bouteille, L’Origine, La Publicité) Johan Tesch and Tim Scheibel, creatives Kalle dos Santos, Johan Holmström , Håkan Engler and Rickard Villard, copywriters Mats Brun and Henrik Haeger, motion/web designers Daniel Isaksson, Noel Pretorius, Linus Niklasson, Dread and Alex Kerber, programmers Alex Kerber, Robin Gavin, Dread, and agency producers Espen Bekkebraten, Jane Rattle, Tania Bruce.

Film directors were Martin Krejci (Stink), Joakim Eliasson (Film de Liberte) and Jan Kalvoda (Stillking), with photographers Henrik Stenberg, Stepan Kucera, Martin Matiácek.

See more on the campaign, including behind the scenes interviews, at the Stella Artois blog.