Stayfree Up For Anything

Johnson & Johnson Australia is launching Stayfree’s new generation of Ultra Thins, a sanitary pad brand. Young women put the new product through the torture test by jumping through challenging shapes accompanied by Garage Party a track by Melbourne group Mr Jigga. (See Mr Jigga MySpace site)

Stayfree Shapes

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The Up For Anything campaign was developed at McCann Erickson Australia by creatives Dave Heytman and Kristine Toms, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson consumer marketing manager Phil Wohlsen and women’s health marketing manager Clare Hawken.

Filming was shot by director Jeffrey Darling, with editor Adam Wills. Post production was done at Fuel VFX, Sydney. Sound was designed by Karl Richter at Level two. Media agency was Universal McCann.

  • This is mild for Stayfree. You should see what we get put through here in the States for Stayfree. There’s a horrible online-only drama called Coastal Dreams from our national network NBC that seems to have been created just to advertise sanitary pads. I posted it here.

  • lynn argent

    Stayfree super pads used to be fine until 15 or so years age when you made them thinner, made the middles thinner, and created thermo control which all makes them a crap overpriced product. These days the pads hold less liquid, and thermo control only makes you freeze in winter.

    • kittie

      I love the thinner pads, the thinner the better. The thicker ones don’t work for me because they bunch up because I am a petite, thin person. They get squeezed because of their large size and twist and contort. The thin ones on the other hand are less bulk and so stay in place and straight and I don’t have problems with them soaking up anything. The thermo control is wonderful, I feel cleaner all the time(even in the winter! I just wear a sweater and pants in the winter to keep warm.) I guess just because they aren’t for everybody doesn’t mean they are a crap product.

  • falguni

    Hi I am using STAY FREE ULTRA THIN,I want to know where will I get the same in Melbourne.