Start Finance Gives Robbo Mortgage

Start Finance launched a television advertising campaign this week aiming at the Australian larrikin, with a “Robbo” version of the Sam Kekovich rant. The Robbo spot is set in the Royal Pub in Clifton Hill, Melbourne, with the sounds of Australian national anthem, “Advance Australia Fair” in the background. Robbo, played by account executive Mitchell Powell, raves into a microphone, as if warming up for a comedy club.

Start Finance Robbo

“It’s been a rough day. I put on my shirt and the button fell off. I picked up my shovel and the handle came off. I’ve got to tell you. I’m afraid to take a piss. What happened to a fair go Australia? Robbo here. First home buyer. Bloody see the big banks don’t want to have a bar of me. I don’t have assets, a flaming big deposit, or a big set of fake cans. I do like sausages. I dig holes for them mate. I work damn hard. I look forward to a good season of footie, a good Aussie barbie and a game of backyard cricket. I tried all the big banks and I had no luck. How does a bloke get a start nowadays? I’ll tell you how. Start Finance. They gave me a fair go and they got me a loan. To the pink tie hundred dollar haircut cosmopolo- Thai drinking mobile limos who wouldn’t even talk to me, you know where you can stick it. Up your yin yang China. Start Finance Australia. A real fair go. And remember if you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground you’ll have trouble putting on your pants.”

The super: “If Robbo can get a loan… anyone can”.

Look out for a cameo from John Barresi from the stage show Wogboys, and movie The Wogboy and What’s Goin’ On?

Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming was directed and shot by Robert D’Assisi, via Kameleon Media, and edited by Casey Butler. The Robbo ad was developed at Cartel Agency, Melbourne.