Starburst in the wars

The full on fruit flavour of Starburst lollipops is brought out in this imaginative series featuring a tank, samurai warrior and jousting knight with horse, each including a yellow lollipop stick.

Starburst Tank

Starburst Samurai

Starburst Joust


The Starburst campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia, by executive creative director James McGrath, creative directors Cameron Hoelter and Emma Hill, art directors/copywriters Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber, with photography by Andreas Smetana and retouching done at Electric Art.

The creative team had the challenge of creating “full on” figures that appear to be made of the Starburst lolly material whilst retaining the detail that allows everyone to recognise the object. It was a delicate balance to achieve this and still retain the natural flaws that occur when creating a sweet.

Electric Art enhanced the textures in order to make them even more “lolly-like”. Cracks were added, and the surface made more shiny, and even sticky-looking in some areas.