Starbucks Pass The Cheer

Starbucks continues the Pass The Cheer campaign this year with a series of animated spots, each ending with the phrase “Pass the Cheer” in English and Chinese. In “Reindeer” a skier is caught waiting on a chairlift opposite a reindeer. He offers the deer a drink of coffee from his flask. In “Penguins” a window cleaner stops outside a window with a menorah in the window. Two penguins open their window, interrupting their Hanukkah party perhaps, to offer the poor guy a red cup from Starbucks. In “Bear Hug” a young girl walking in snow shoes encounters a bear in the wild. She offers him a hug while a white rabbit runs off to find a coffee. The campaign also includes print, outdoor elements, along with an online “Make a Cheer Chain” site.

Starbucks Pass the Cheer with reindeer hoof

Starbucks Make New friends

Starbucks Gesture with Gingerbread

Starbucks Carol by Kayak

Starbucks Make a Snow Elephant

Starbucks Neighbors

Starbucks Scarf Buddy

Starbucks Find a Scarf Buddy

Starbucks Snowflake

Starbucks Be a Mint Messenger

Starbucks Start A Cheer Chain site


The Starbucks Pass The Cheer campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, by executive creative directors Jelly Helm and Steve Luker, creative directors Danielle Flagg and Jed Alger, art director Matthew Carroll, copywriter Jen Nicolazzo, agency executive producer Ben Grylewicz and producers Sarah Shapiro and Chris Lawson.

Animation was directed by Aaron Sorenson via Laika, Portland, with executive producer Jan Johnson, producer Sally Bentley, coordinator Nasseem Moradi.

Post production was done at Mission Control. Audio post production was done at Eleven. Sound was designed by Gus Koven at Stimmung with executive producer Kelly Fuller, producer Jack Catlin, assistant sound designer Peter Lauridsen.

Music is “I love NYE” by Badly Drawn Boy, from the soundtrack of About A Boy.

I Love NYE – About a Boy (Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack)