Sprint Ahead with Dreams and Charts

Telecommmunications company Sprint Nextel today launches a new national advertising campaign in the United States using the company’s new tagline, “Sprint Ahead”. The campaign, rolled out in TV, print, and outdoor work, focuses on how consumers and businesses are using and benefiting from Sprint’s technology today and in future, with attention paid to speed. The ‘Nextel’ brand is discreetly being eclipsed by the focus on ‘Sprint’.

Jazz band plays in Sprint Dreams TV ad

Sprint expects to invest more than $7 billion in 2007 to enhance its networks across the United States. To meet growing demand for extensive mobile broadband coverage, Sprint is completing an upgrade of its Sprint Mobile Broadband Network to Evolution – Data Optimized Revision A (EV-DO Rev. A) technology. Sprint will also be first to market with a next generation broadband wireless network based on WiMAX technology while continuing to enhance the Nextel National and Sprint National networks.

Sprint Dreams

This ad, in 30 and 60 second versions, is designed to connect with personal Sprint customers. We see a park walkway at dusk become the site of illuminated play as the sun goes down. Colored lights are used to produce giant eyes, a fish, a rocket, a house, garden, jazz band. At dawn we see a fluorescent sun and cellphone. The spot is accompanied by ‘Souvenirs’, a track by Melbourne-based Indie band Architecture in Helsinki, from their 2004 album Fingers Crossed.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Souvenirs – Fingers Crossed

Architecture in Helsinki Fingers Crossed album at Amazon.com

Sprint Charts

The Sprint Charts spot, with business leaders tracing charts in the air with glowing colored lights, is designed to connect with business customers. Music is Waltz II from Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra, composed by Dmitri Shostakovich.

Sprint Charts TV ad

On July 2 Sprint launches a micro site, www.sprint.com/ahead, to bring “SprintSpeed” to life and let customers learn more about Sprint’s marquee products. The www.sprint.com website has been redesigned to incorporate the light treatments and new tagline. “Sprint Ahead” banner ads will begin running on several prominent sites online.

Sprint Speed is Beautiful

Sprint Taxi

Sprint Barbecue

According to Sprint’s press release, the Sprint Ahead campaign simplifies the presentation of Sprint’s advanced technologies, such as the nation’s largest and fastest mobile broadband network and its instantaneous “push-to-talk” service, through the use of “SprintSpeed™.” Representative of the benefits provided by Sprint’s powerful network, “SprintSpeed” is the main ingredient of the “Sprint Ahead” brand positioning.

“We’re changing the conversation about wireless,” said Tim Kelly, Sprint’s chief marketing officer. “Beginning in a few days, Sprint will move ahead of its competitors, who continue to harp on the industry’s shortcomings such as dropped calls, minutes and pricing plans. Instead of ignoring the amazing things people do with their mobile devices, Sprint’s new approach to the market embraces the awesome ways our innovative technology adds real value to the lives of our customers.”


The “Sprint Ahead” campaign was created by newly signed advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, by Partner/Creative Director Rich Silverstein, creative directors/copywriters Ronny Northrop and Franklin Tipton, art directors Pete Conolly and Randy Stowell, designer Chris Kelly, and broadcast producer Michael Damiani. Graphics were designed at GSP Post, San Francisco.

“Once you’ve experienced speed there’s no going back,” says Rich Silverstein, co-founder of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. “Sprint allows us to get what we want, when we want it, and all at the speed of light. It’s truly a magical experience.”

Filming for ‘Dreams’ and ‘Charts’ was directed by Dayton/Farris (Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris) at Bob Industries, with director of photography Jim Frohna, executive producers TK Knowles, John O’Grady and Chuck Ryant, and line producer Bart Lipton.

Editor was Haines Hall at Spot Welders, Venice with executive producer David Glean and producer Konda Mason.

Visual effects were developed at Brickyard VFX, Boston/Santa Monica, by lead compositor/VFX supervisor Geoff McAuliffe, VFX executive producer Kirsten Anderson, VFX producer Cara Farnsworth, CG Artists Yafei Wu, Robert Sethi and Aaron Vest, and compositors Narbeh Mardi and Mandy Sorenson.

Audio was mixed at Lime Studios by engineer Rohan Young and producer Jessica Locke.