Sony Walkman Launched in Music Pieces

Sony is unveiling a unique approach to advertising with a ground-breaking commercial for the WALKMAN brand. The next generation of WALKMAN digital media players is being promoted with ‘Music Pieces’ which combines 128 musicians with talents from the film and pop industry to create an entirely unique acoustic and visual experience.

Sony Music Pieces ensemble

The Music Pieces commercial, developed at Fallon London, brings to life the concept of ‘monophony’ by taking a ‘solo riff’ and turning it into an ‘ensemble riff’, splitting it across a number of musicians. Soundtree composer Peter Raeburn (‘Sexy Beast’, ‘Birth’) composed a piece of music especially for the project, which was then deconstructed note by note and beat by beat to create music

Each musician was given just one note to play before being arranged by instrument group to form an ‘acoustic grid’ which was conducted by Academy Films music video director, Nick Gordon, creating spectacular waves of sound and movement when each note was played in sequence to reconstruct the original tune.

Here’s the teaser…

Click on the image below to play the video.

Nick Gordon commented: “Technically, this has been one of the biggest challenges of my career. Not only were we experimenting with a musical style that has never before been attempted, we also had to make sure it worked as a visual performance. That meant overseeing 128 musicians playing everything from drums and pianos to kalimbas and electric guitars, which in turn meant we had to come up with a new technique for recording them. On top of that Sony’s commitment to ‘not faking it’ meant that we then had to film the whole sequence in one take. The end result justifies the means though!”

Here’s the Sony Walkman Music Pieces TV Advert…

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The new WALKMAN commercial continues Sony Consumer Electronics’ tradition of producing authentic ads that can be ‘done for real’. This meant using 98 microphones to record the track, 3 days to film it, one take to shoot it and 128 musicians that had to last 30 seconds without making any mistakes.

Behind The Scenes

Click on the image below to play the video.

Hugo Feiler, General Manager for Audio Marketing Communications at Sony Europe said: “Sony’s WALKMAN brand is all about a shared passion for music bringing people together and creating experiences The new ad is the embodiment of those values. If you are at all interested in music, you should find something here that engages you and gets you thinking.”

A teaser has been replaced by the TV ad, ‘Music Pieces’, available now to view online at before it is released on TV. Visitors to the site can watch behind the scenes footage shot on location during production of the ad, and immerse themselves in a unique acoustic and visual experience.