Sony Bravia Colors Pyramid With Threads

Just as we get got our heads around the Sony Bravia Play-Doh Bunnies launch, along comes a fourth in the series, this time set in Giza, near Cairo in Egypt. Hundreds of spools of coloured thread tumble down the side of the Pyramid of Khafre, at first covering the casing stones at the top, then completely covering one whole side of the pyramid.

Sony Bravia Pyramid

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The Pyramid spot was developed at Y&R Asia, Singapore, by executive creative director Rowan Chanen, copywriter Edward Ong, art directors Scott McClelland and Kirsten Ackland, and agency producer Kim Lim.

Filming was shot by director (and DOP) Keith Rose via Velocity Films, South Africa, with producer Karen Kloppers.

Editing was done by Ricky Boyd via Deliverance Post Production, Capetown. Post Production was done by Heino Henning and Charmaine Greyling at Waterfront Studios. 3D work was done at Condor Post.

Music was composed by Robert Schroder and Lorraine Shannon at Robroy Music.

Sony Bravia Pyramid

The post production on this commercial happened in two significant phases. The first being to increase the number of strings that were actually shot to give credence and impact to the shots and the second and most challenging part of creating a believable piece of film which involved the face of a pyramid being covered with different coloured thread. With this in mind, Director Keith Rose shot several test set ups to establish the best way of executing what the agency envisioned, what he believed to be the best execution and what Condor Cape would need to work with after he had completed filming in Egypt.

Once they found a suitable look Heino built a 2K plate on Quantel IQ. This shot was built almost strand by strand by using various rock and threat elements. He added movement to the strings using displacement mattes derived by pulling keys from footage that had the correct movement. Heino says, “The great advantage to working in 2K is that the bigger screen size enables us to do complicated composites on static images and then apply camera movement afterwards.”

Once this shot was finalized and a look was established for what 50 meters of covered pyramid would be, the post production team could started experimenting with the whole face for the end shot. Heino experimented with duplicating the already made 2K plate several times until the right proportions were achieved and the strings looked believable. The next challenge was to create the specific colour spectrum for the completed face. Because the 2K plate was from somewhere in the middle of the pyramid, we only had reds, pinks and yellows from this shot. The IQ’s Pablo grading tool stepped up to the task and Heino managed easily to swing these colours into the full spectrum.

With most of the duplication prepared and armed with the 2K plates for the Pyramids we entered the last phase of the online, this was client attended and the final finessing proceeded. This entailed sky replacements in 80% of the shots, compositing the threats onto the pyramid; and in most shots new Pyramid plates were added to enhance the drama in certain shots by changing the composition of these.

The entire shoot was completed in full High Definition video format and is a definitive follow-up to Sony Bravia’s “Balls” and “Paint” commercials which have been captivating audiences around the World. “Pyramids” is a vivid testament to and epitomizes Sony’s and its’ product’s pay off line, color like no other!