Something Juicy For The Ladies

7 Eleven is promoting its range of frozen Slurpee® Juices in Australia with a set of racy posters aimed at female customers. Three male models pose with the 25 % juice drinks, in a bunny suit, wrapped around a pole, and wearing a maid’s apron. 7-Eleven has been selling the Slurpee brand in the United States since the mid 1960s – see more on the drink at

Something Juicy For The Ladies - in a bunny suit

Something Juicy For The Ladies - wrapped around a pole

Something Juicy For The Ladies - in a maid's apron


The campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Melbourne, by creative director Jason Williams, copywriter Andrew Woodhead, art director Richard Walker, production manager Gary Arnas, and photographer Chris von Menge.

  • Max

    “Fer the ladies”, yeah right! The kind that drink 42 Below vodka perhaps?

  • Sara

    come to me bunny man!

  • Alex

    Wow. This is a really offensive ad to men AND women alike. Are people trying to say that women crave all that is juicy man flesh and is that all we are to the men? That this role reversal from women to men is career paths that are actually degrading to women but juicy for men. Juicy ? No, not in the sense that they’re trying to say. Juicy in the sense of gossip that offends and manipulates.

  • Haylz

    these ads are disgusting, they’re offensive to women saying that they are these things, playboy bunny waitresses, strippers and sexy maids, they’re all in a way sex toys for men! these ads then go to reverse these roles and make the men become the sex toys to women!!! its absolutely disgusting, and who really wants to look at a guy in short pants that are too tight and too defining in a particular area!!! are these ads selling slurpy’s or sex???

  • Eddie

    these ads are one of the worst i’ve seen ever! it’s shocking that they would actually put these in a magazine for teenagers. It’s seriously offensive towards BOTH men and women because its almost literally saying that men would do anything for money and women. And it’s saying that all women want is hot, buff men. Not only that, it’s percieving men as just sex objects and nothing more.

  • Wow. These ads are cool! I want be that awesome slurpee, oh, yummy 🙂

  • Hubert Cumberdale

    men are sex objects you idiots. gosh

  • Alex

    has anyone here ever drank a slurpee ?

  • Jesse

    These ads are extremely offensive, and anyone laughing should be ashamed! Also, anybody using anyone else’s name is just as bad. How immature.

  • Salad Fingers

    not quite as tempting as rusty spoons, but comes close.

  • Jen

    ‘Bout time we were given the opportunity to ogle man flesh the same way they ogle us. I approve. Bring on the man slaves, let them lick my poo-encrusted bovver boot. Yum…

  • Christl


    And I find nothing attractive about these men.

  • jayce ann

    unbelievable!!! instead of raising our respect for women and making women equal to men, we are now demeaning women and men too, just to make more money! Hello wake up people (and the advertising community especially)!! This is not bettering our world, we look like fools. And even if we start to degrade men like women, women will continue to be second class citizens compared to men in our society. Reality check, there are more ads, playboys and naked pictures of women and girls or there than men.

  • Craig

    I wish I was one of the guys…

  • Bryan

    To anyone saying these ads are offense, shut up. You’re annoying like fruit flies. It’s a joke, get over your ignorant selves. Learn to be comfortable with sexuality. No one gives a shit what you find offensive. Keep it to yourself cuz no matter how much you can’t close your mouth companies don’t care about you and there will be a lot more where this came from as the world keeps turning. It’s a battle you can’t win, and no one wants to listen to you whining and complaining over senseless crap. The models in these pictures did this cuz it’s there life choice meaning who are you to judge them? No one thats who, and you all complain with ignorant attitudes so much that you didn’t even consider the option that these models did it for money so that they can continue to survive in the world like all of us and probably don’t give a shit about the ad themselves. So quick to judge others when you should be judging yourself more often to better yourselves as humans. It’s obvious you haven’t been doing much of that. Whining is for children in cribs, the world will do what it wants and you have no control over anything except yourselves, I suggest you start doing that for the better of us all.

  • Bryan

    In words easier to understand. You’re no better than the ads you ridicule by sitting on your ass typing on the computer. If you wanna better the world so badly then do that by bettering yourself as an individual. Thats the only control you’ll ever have. Otherwise shut up, cuz at least the models are doing something with their lives by ignoring you.

  • eecasalblah

    The only thing offensive about these ads is that they have been done before.

    Nothing is as offensive as plagiarism in advertising.