Snooze Enters Mad World of Beauty Sleep

Capt’n Snooze, Australian bed merchants, promotes the move to the new identity, just ‘Snooze‘, with an advertising campaign celebrating the beauty of sleep. The first TV ad for the new look company says that there’s something beautiful about sleep and shows a variety of people of different ages enjoying their beauty sleep. Gone are aggressive retail cues of stark colours and manic voiceovers. Instead, the haunting ‘Mad World’ track leads the viewer through Snooze’s new promise to its customers: that they will ‘sleep well’.

First image from Snooze Mad World TV ad

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Brand Shift

The brand transformation shifts the brand focus away from the retail ‘deal’ and instead leverages the powerful emotional motivations related to the act of sleeping. This conceptual shift for Snooze, which has been happening for some time, was at the core of the brief for the creation of the Mad World campaign.

Research undertaken by The Foundry prior to developing the ‘Mad World’ campaign found that the strongest motivator for purchases related to beds and sleep is an emotional connection with the brand. ‘Mad World’ is designed to capitalise on the viewer’s sentiments and passion for sleep, recognising that customers are not just looking for a bed at a price.

“This concept was developed on the basis that Snooze has more to say to the consumer than just savings and discounts,” said Simon Burrett, managing partner, The Foundry. “Our task was to bring relevance to a “grudge” purchase. Our commercial focus was to shorten the purchase cycle for beds from once every 12 years down to seven. Our answer was to find the real emotional triggers to purchase. We soon discovered that, for our largely female target, it was a category rich in emotion. If we captured their heart, we would capture their wallet. We built a multi-tiered campaign around unique customer insights both humorous and heart-felt. The result was a highly effective communications campaign and repositioning that has taken Snooze from category follower to category leader.”

Mad World encompasses radio, print, online and point of sale and is targeted to women aged 25 to 34. It launched nationally on October 1.


The Beauty Sleep ad was developed at The Foundry by executive creative director/copywriter Ian Brown, art directors Chris Gregson and Andrew Jones, and agency producer Tanya Stankovic.

Filming was shot by Tony Mahoney via Zealot Films. Post production was done at Tide and Complete Post. Media agency was Starcom.

Mad World

Mad World is sung here by Jeremy Brennan. Music was arranged and produced at Rafael May Music, Sydney.