Smoking For Which Disease?

Following the introduction of graphic health warnings on cigarette packs in 2006, the Cancer Institute NSW has been developing campaigns that build on these images to create a lasting impression every time a smoker purchases a pack. Research undertaken by the Cancer Institute NSW has found that many smokers have been trying to avoid the more graphic health warnings at point of purchase.

Smoker chooses smokes in Cancer Institute NSW TV ad

A new light hearted television commercial, released in April 2007, focuses on the reality that you can’t choose which smoking-caused disease you will actually get if you continue smoking. It encourages smokers to reflect on their own smoking behaviour and challenges their beliefs regarding the likely health consequences of their smoking. The commercial also reminds smokers that quit smoking support is available through the NSW Quitline (13 7848). Click on the image below to play the video.


‘Which Disease’ was developed at The Campaign Palace by creative director Paul Fishlock, and agency producer Karen Bryson.

Filming was directed by Mat Humphrey via The Guild.