Smoking Doubles Your Risk Of Stroke

The Cancer Institute NSW has released a warning against smoking in ‘Voice Within’, a TV advertisement airing in New South Wales from 20 May to end of June 2007. The campaign focuses on the graphic health warning “smoking doubles your risk of stroke”. The commercial demonstrates that smoking doesn’t always kill but can result in reduced quality of life for a smoker and their family.

Voice Within NSW Cancer Society TV Ad

A woman feeds her husband his dinner. “The stroke’s made everything hard but I mean you cope don’t you, don’t you love.” Inside the man’s head we hear his voice, “My brain still works. It just doesn’t connect to my mouth anymore.” The woman speaks to the camera: “We do have hope that he’ll walk again but uh ahm…” “You cannot imagine what it’s like not being able to communicate.” “It’s hard for the kids to see their dad like this you know. I mean he’s there but uhm”. If I could just talk I’d tell Jen and the kids I’m sorry. And I’d tell anyone who’d listen, don’t smoke”. The commercial also reminds smokers that quit smoking support is available through the NSW Quitline (13 7848). Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

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  • Ian Mack

    Smoking is a dire subject, but the various TV advertising campaigns address it with quasi-science and blanket claims of good health after you quit.

    My Dad gave up smoking when he was 48, but died of lung cancer aged 86. When I gave up, I had endless dental problems. My dentist said this was a typical end result of quitting smoking.

    Digging to the heart of the matter, quitting depends eventually on the personal determination of the former smoker. The ad campaigns provide science but not the necessary, underlying, pivotal motivation.

    Maybe the ads need less science and more emphasis on human factors.