Smoking an Invisible Killer

Passive smoking is addressed as an “invisible killer” in a TV advert launched in the UK this week. Set in a wedding party, the 40 second ad shows the smoke from a woman’s cigarette wafting throughout the function room, breathed in by children snacking under a table, elderly relatives dancing on the floor, and finally the bride and groom themselves.

Wedding couple breathe in black smoke

“Nearly 85 per cent of tobacco smoke is invisible and odourless, but it causes just as much harm to people’s health as the smoke that is visible.”

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Invisible Killer ad was created at Farm by art director Kevin Colquhoun, copywriter Gregor Findley, creative directors Owen Lee and Gary Robinson.

Creative director Owen Lee says, “When we received the brief at pitch stage, of the facts we were given, we were staggered to discover that 85% of the toxic smoke from a cigarette is invisible. When you unearth a fact like that you just need to dramatise it. Using cutting-edge post production techniques the commercial depicts this invisible smoke as the ‘unwelcome guest’ at a wedding.”

Children breathe in black smoke

The TV advert and four print ads are available to download from the GoSmokeFree website. See my post on the Invisible Killer print campaign.

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