Smirnoff Sea reveals Extraordinary Purification

Smirnoff is promoted as the vodka of extraordinary purification in ‘Sea’, a spectacular 60 second TV, online and cinema advertisement showing the sea giving up years of ruins. The incredible sequence begins as a sailor finishes a can and throws it into the sea. The sea promptly throws it back on deck. Observers are amazed to see human-made objects, ranging from coins and statues (Colossus of Rhodes?) to warplanes and warships, lifted from the bottom of the sea and sent through the air onto land. A gas station attendant is stunned to see a Roman galley falling from the sky to land in front of his service station. All that’s left at the end is clear water and a bottle of Smirnoff Red on the bottom of the sea. The super: “Extraordinary Purification. Ten Times Filtered. Triple Distilled. Clearly Smirnoff.”

Warship smashed up against Dover coast in Smirnoff TV ad

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Smirnoff Sea TV ad was developed at JWT, London by executive creative director Nick Bell, creative directors Jonathan Budds, Anita Davis, art director Rob Spicer, copywriter Adam Griffin, agency producer Sarah Patterson, agency planner Simon McCarthy and Dan Hill.

Filming in New Zealand and Pinewood Studios, Elstree, Iver Heath, was directed by Daniel Kleinman via Rattling Stick, London.

Editor was Steve Gandolphi at Cut & Run. Visual effects were developed at Framestore CFC, London.

Music was composed by Peter Raeburn via Soundtree. Sound was designed at Wave Studios.

Statue's head in Smirnoff TV ad