Smirnoff Raw Tea Partay

Smirnoff‘s new product, “Raw Tea”, is at the centre of an incredibly popular viral music video, “Tea Partay” gone wild on YouTube. Diageo, the distributor of Smirnoff, has launched “Raw Tea” in three flavours, focusing on the East Coast first. With that in mind, BBH New York, the brand’s first advertising agency, decided to hone in on the iced tea culture of New England. The budget prevented investment in saturated television advertising. Besides, the young adult market were more likely to relate to an online viral campaign that was high on entertainment and low on hard sell. The spoof music video features three male “prepsta” (Prep Gangstas) rapping about the social lives of young preppies who use Smirnoff Raw Tea on the South Wing verandah. The chorus line, “Partay” is sung by three Preppie women. Wearing pastel colours, the rappers tell it like it is for privileged wealthy East Coasters. The 2 minute music video ends by inviting viewers to a microsite,, where Smirnoff Raw Tea is described as tasting like new ryhmes laid on a classic track. “Its straight up natural raw tea flava blends nicely with a triple filtered premium malt beverage for an incredibly smooth and refreshing taste.”

Girls in Smirnoff Tea Partay ad

From all accounts the Smirnoff Raw Tea brand has started to pick up demand on the East Coast, despite the lack of clear information about the product in the ad or on the web site. Retailers on the West Coast are reporting requests for the product as well.

Guys in Smirnoff Tea Partay ad

Online Engagement

Visitors to the site are provided with zipped versions of the music video in Windows Media and Quicktime formats, along with the opportunity to browe through a flash-based 12 page guide to Prepsta culture. The pages in the book are small and the text is difficult to read. The version uploaded to YouTube by Iamigor, on August 2 2006, has today been viewed by 2,045,285 people. That’s not counting the versions uploaded since then. And then of course there are a few spoofs uploaded in response.

Screenshot from Smirnoff Raw Tea Partay web site

Smirnoff Raw Tea Partay Credits

The Smirnoff Raw Tea Partay campaign was developed at BBH New York by executive creative director Kevin Roddy, creative directors Rob Ingalls and David Moranville, art director Amee Shah, copywriters Matt Ian and Clay Weiner, head of broadcast Bruce Wellington, senior producer Lisa Setten, and producer Melissa Bemis.

Diageo has since moved the Smirnoff Raw Tea account to JWT.

Filming was shot by director Julien “Little” Lutz via HSI with director of photography Max Goldman, executive producer Ellen Jacobson, producer John Winter, president Stavros Merjos, VP/Commercial Division Kerstin Emhoff and head of production Michael McQuhae. Lil X is known for his many music videos, including Sean Paul (Get Busy) and Nelly Furtado (Promiscuous Girl).

Editing was done by Crandall Miller at The Whitehouse, with assistant editor Kim O’Donnell and editorial producer Lauren Hertzberg.

Post production was done at The Mill, New York, by VFX producer Carrie Van Den Vussche, lead smoke artist Jeff Robins, smoke artist (DCP) Tom Poole, assistant telecine artist Sal Malfitano, telecine producer Angela Botta.

Music was mixed at Maxamus Entertainment. Sound was produced by JDiggz at Sterling Sound with engineers Chris Athens (Sterling Sound) and James Czeiner at EMW Studios (Elaborate Musik Workshop). Sound was mixed at Nutmeg Recording Studios.

Lyrics for Tea Partay

Thanks for the help from commenters in filling the gaps.

P Unit Foreva
P Unit
P Unit what’s up fellas?

Yo yo where my WASPs at?
M V Martha’s Vineyard

Holla back
Tell Buffy to chirp me

Sip sip
Straight out of Cape Cod
We’re keeping it real
We’re going to have a party makes the ladies squeal
We’re going to turn it on
with our parents’ riches
We’ll serve Smirnoff raw tea and finger sandwiches

We keeps it real
by real we mean rich
from New Hampshire to Vermont
from the Main line to Greenwich
Cause no one’s harder than a New England gangsta
We drink raw tea on the south wing verandah

Tea Partay!

High tea in the palour makes the ladies holla

Smirnoff raw tea Lemon peach and raspberry

We sail yachts and we ride on horses
Every meal we eat comes in multiple courses
When it’s time to party
we have a tea partay
And we keeps it real
the old money way

Haters love to clown our
Ivy League education
but they’re just jealous
’cause our families run the nation

Yo where’s the love at the Tea Partay
but if you’re going to show up send an RSVP our way

Tea Partay

High tea in the parlour makes the ladies holla
Smirnoff raw tea lemon peach and raspberry

We play croquet and we go rollablading
Here’s to homies on lock
for insider trading
It’s a tea partay from Maine to Amagansett (some hear Megansett)
We might be vanilla but our labs are chocolate
We’re chilling from our heads and white tennis visors
Right down to our toes in a pair of top siders

But now it’s time to break
but please will you promote
Smirnoff raw tea parties
and we’ll send a thankyou note
in cursive…

Tea Partay…
Tea Partay…
Tea Partay…

Please drink responsibly and visit