Smirnoff Green Tea Partay on the West Side

Smirnoff has launched the West Coast sequel to Smirnoff Raw Tea Partay music video. This time, instead of wealthy privileged East Coasters, P-Unit, we have rapping wealthy privileged West Coasters, Boyz in the Hillz, promoting the Smirnoff Green Tea Partay. Prescott, frontman of East Coast rap group P-Unit and Tea Partay video starts provocatively: Have you ever heard of California clam chowder? They ain’t got nothing out there! West Coast Rap is whack! What follows is the response from the West Coast…

Boyz in the Hillz in Smirnoff Green Tea Partay ad

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The Smirnoff Green Tea Partay ad was developed at JWT, New York, by chief creative officer Ty Montague, executive creative director Andy Clarke, creative Director Jeremy Postaer, creative director/copywriter Chris Maiorino, copywriter Scott Bell, director of production Jill Rothman, and agency producer Joel Jeffords, production Manager: Debbie Gleason.

Filming was directed by Marc Klasfeld, via Rockhard Films, with director of photography Barry Norwood, executive producer Lorraine Kraus, head of production Amanda Fox, art director Dana Wald. Telecine was done by Dave Hussey at Company 3.

Visual effects were done at Skulley FX. Music was by Suited n Booted Music.

Boyz in the Hillz in Green Tea Partay

Lyrics for Green Tea Partay

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West Coast is about to waste all these fools!

Boyz in the Hillz oh yeah
Attention all you prepstas
You want to talk smack about the West Coast?
Well feel the rap of the Boys in the Hillz
Welcome to California
Land of fruit and nuts
Gonna show you East Coast prepstas out there what’s up

Take the clams outa your chowder
Put tofu in it
There’s your California chowder
I just invented it…

You all New England suckas
Get to your knees and pray
You ain’t seen nothing like a
West Coast tea partay

You say you sail yachts
Gotta a rich momma
We just shot a …. half… half…
This is New World Dogg
It ain’t nothing funny
Your game’s about as old as your grandad’s money

You’re looking for Buffy?
She’s with me
Turns out after all
She likes the green tea

This is how we do it on the West Side
Raw tea that’s right!

Stand back cause I’m about to wreck this
You don’t want to make me take off my puker shell necklace
or my leather wrist bands or my motorcycle boots
or an …. from an old guy’s suit
Now I’m looking in the mirror for my daily affirmation
Skin still glowing from my micro dermabrasion

It’s camera action – we know the deal
Here check it out it’s my acting deal
(We lost him)

And you know I got me a personal assistant to help out
All I gotta do is snap my fingers and shout
This is how we do it on the West Side

Wake up in the morning put my flip flops on
……… platinum blond
Moisturize our hands moisturize our face
Moisturize everything all over the place

From the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to Rodeo Drive
to all my brothers up on the 405
Ample collagen and implants too
My momma’s 24 but she’s really 62
Life behind bars ain’t nothing new to me
I was born and raised in a gated community.

Hands free headset to answer all my calls
All our swimming pools have fake waterfalls.
We drove in hybrids when we want to keep in grace
to a groomer in a hummer limousine
Designer sun glasses that we never take off
Nothing less than SPF 45 lip gloss

Hold up, my life coach wants to chime in…
The goal for today homie is to look for women

This is how we do it on the West Side
Raw Tea that’s right
This is how we do it on the West Side
It’s a green tea partay on the West Side

Get shut down by the Boyz in the Hillz on the West Side

Please partay responsibly and visit