Sky believe in Better Environment

Sky‘s two-year-long environmental campaign has been given a boost by Cool Cat, an animated character who walks through the English countryside to the sounds of Three Dog Night’s Joy To The World (Jeremiah was a bullfrog). Cool Cat shakes hands and waves but is a bit stunned when a vintage car drives past polluting the air. Somehow Cool Cat comes up with an environmentally friendly idea (note the lightbulb) that makes the car reduce its emissions.

Cool Cat and Bullfrog in Sky environment TV advert

The voiceover at the end, “The World is a beautiful place, we’ll carry on doing our bit to keep it that way, Sky believe in better”, points viewers to which in turn leads them to The spot is designed to help viewers connect in with the carbon trading work being done by Sky.


The Cool Cat spot was developed at WCRS, London, by creative directors Luke Williamson and Yan Elliott, and agency producer James Lethem.

Animation was overseen by director Richard Bazley via HRA (Hibbert Ralph Animation), with background artist Peter Moehrle (Lilo and Stitch), art director Gethyn Davis, animators Teddy Hall, Andy Powell, Al Gaivotto, Geoff MacDowell and Jerry Forder, coordinator Alan Bassett, executive producer Jerry Hibbert and producer Charlotte Loynes.

See more on the background of the ad, with a ‘making of’ video, at Richard Bazley’s blog. Bazley had animated and supervised on three key sequences for The Iron Giant, a movie admired by the creative team. Bazley and team developed an approach inspired by black and white animator Miyazaki but powered by more recent Anime styles.

Cool Cat has an environmentally friendly idea in Sky environment TV advert

Cool Cat hugs car and driver in Sky environment TV advert

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