Skins Sports Stars

Skins, the Australian sportswear company, continues to raise eyebrows with its rant against the excesses of wealthy sport stars. Sports Star, the TV ad, which focuses on players in the English football league, is narrated by a character in the Guy Ritchie gangster film, Snatch, and was intentionally created to have a global feel to allow for potential use in overseas markets.

Boy in Skins Sports Star TV ad

“To all those baby-faced multi-millionaire sport stars who get paid too much, live in huge houses, have ridiculous haircuts, have never tipped, get and will never enter a supermarket again, let alone know the price of milk, just because they kick a ball, we’ve got news for you. We ain’t going to pay you a penny to wear our product. You can carry on paying us! We improve sports performance, not sports stars’ bank accounts.”

The super: “Skins! Bio acceleration technology!”

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The Skins web site explains to visitors that Skins™ are NOT provided to top sports stars in the hope that wearing the brand will aid advertising. All Skins™ are sold, even to international level athletes. In the development stages some athletes helped by wearing Skins™ to give feedback, but now all are sold. Sports stars pay the company to wear Skins™ and this is because of the performance and recovery benefits they get from wearing them. Check out the Skins website for some testimonials about why sports stars wear Skins™.

“This campaign reflects the attitude of the brand and we have obviously had to elevate ourselves in what is a pretty cluttered market,” said David Ling, the general manager for Skins’ operation in the UK and Europe.

Swimming pool in Skins Sports Star TV ad


The Skins Star TV ad was developed at Arnold Australia (and later The Furnace), by creative director Jay Furby and agency producer Amanda Cain.

Paul Bradbury, managing director at Arnold, now at Whybin TBWA, said the idea of the ads was to create intrigue and compel consumers to go to the website to find out more.

“What we wanted to do with the brand was to differentiate it through its personality. We wanted to make an impact through the confidence of the brand. People will pay more for a top of the range product if it will deliver a performance benefit to them. And unlike brands like Nike and Adidas who pay athletes to wear their products, we don’t,” Bradbury said.

Filming was directed by Melanie Bridge via The Sweet Shop, with producer Sharlene George and director of photography Ginny Loane.

Skins Sports Star at YouTube (with Japanese subtitles)

Soccer player in Skins Sports Star TV ad